yo TOP 3 nu zongz of 2006

da commez top 3 -

1 - Puscifer - The Undertaker (renholder mix)

2 - Blind Guardian - Otherland

3 - Tool - Vicarious

honourable mention - All That Remains - This Calling

u tell uz yo pickz, n pozzibly upload zum

i vil u/l ma no1 n pozzibly mo if u lyk

teh undertaker…


I haven’t listened to the radio since 2004, the only songs I know from 2006 are the ones that are featured in those annoying jamster ads. Upload tha Blind Guardian man. I listened nightfall in middle sheeyat in my car after my last exam yesterday. Psyched me up a goodun.

ahahhahaha REZPEC

u can find da album on torrent, but herez ma fav zong-


tiz different, give it a chance, tiz a clazzic

1.The Pussycat Dolls “Beep”

2.The Pussycat Dolls “Buttons”

3.The Pussycat Dolls “I Don’t Need A Man”

-da Meph

2006 is not over yet, this topic is a tad premature.

hahaha, iz u expectin a random chriztmaz clazzic onzlaught of random m*zical gensui? :dong:

ahahhaha u forgot da fact dat comme iz a FUCK!!

:ziff: :lib: :doc: :rectum: :chop: :whale: :ho: :rudy: :kan: :brotha: :pimp: :rock: “WE AGREE!!!”

:dong: “i luv comme”

if i iz a fuck, i iz a gud fuck 8)

Brahmz 116 noz 1,3 n 4 :lib:

you better be kidding. da redhead iz fugly

indeed she is very ugly, but not the others.

anyway I love deir m*usic, or do I 8)