You play Bach your way, and I'll play him hiz way - BULLZHEEYAT? 🐮 💩

  • ‘Authentic performance’ iz merely a form of arrogant virtue zignalling n iz a load ov BZ becuz a performah vil alwayz haf a zubjective interp ov deir own
  • It actually iz a legit approach n a performer zhud alwayz azpire to honour da cumpozaz tru intent

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there is no such thing as a composer’s intent


oops forgot diz :sunglasses:


Ahahaha da correct goal iz alwayz

to perf a zong in a way da cumpozah nevah imagined pozzible :sunglasses:

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There are the thingz that the compozer wrote that should be azpired to

But there iz uzually no way to tell what the compozer intended exactly

Dunno I suppose the mechanics of the music help you figure out an effective dramatic path but just calling out the mechanics like that’s the music can be troubling - the flip side is once you go beyond that you def in the personal opinion space not letter of law composer space.

Oddly enough would this apply, for example, to Rach? “You play your Rach 3 your way…I’ll play it his way.” It sounds a lot more ridiculous considering that it would entail replicating the actual recording by the composer.

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