You shoul nevah bang da piano playin beethoven (arguabely)

diz iz newz to me, but diz book (the beethoven reader) claims you should nevah play extremley loud.

simple reason: none of his pianos even had the capability to be very loud, n there waz no way he culd have predicted da powah of da modern piano.

da mizconception arises from da brotha breakin his pianos. DA TRUTH IZ: He only started doin this when he waz deaf because he dezperately wanted to hear what he waz composing.

anotha thing: beethoven nevah uzed fff, but used ppp quite a bit.

fo example: recently a pianiz played (n recorded?) da appazionata on one of beethoven’s pianos. da mofo climbing chordz of da beggining actaully sound pleasant on them, and not sharp stingy and obnoxiouzly loud.

what iz yo opinion? shuld we stick to payin az da brotha meant it to be played on hiz non-loud pianoz, or should we take the liberties n say “if da brotha compozed on modern pianoz, he wuld haff made these really loud”?

Beethoven about Opus 32 no 2 sonata (Tempest) - “break the piano when playing this”

he was intense, he would have liked it all intense.

Beethoven is not like Mozart

if you iz playing on a 18th cnetury piano, fine play it like he wud

but wit our great modern invention, dere iz no reazon we shud harnezz itz pozzibilities

the thing is when your in the 21th century and playing on a concert steinway and u want to make beethoven interesting you must find your own way to make it like a huge symphony orchestra wether its pp or ff .

I agree with the two previous posts.


:lib: : O RLY???

i vud randomly lyk to hear from da ROB, da only mofo to haff da :brotha:'s Op. 53 Waldstein praized az a “ztunningly fluid reading” by da t25. tiz tru

Schnabel played Beethoven loudly and he banged the 88 all the time.

It sounds convincing nonetheless.

i have a rec of GG bangin out loud Da op.101

sounds pretty wikid…

and what about :rectum: ?