Your opinion on "saving works" for when you're old

Should you save advanced works for when you’re older?

  • Yes
  • No, it doesnt matter
  • It dependz (on how much you suck)
  • Musically advanced yes, technically no

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There is nothing that would please me more right now than to learn the Art of Fugue, but Im scared that Ill thrash it, not be able to understand it to a sufficient level, and ruin it for me forever. So Im saving it for when Im older and a “more mature” pianist. Same thing goes with the later Beethoven and Schubert sonatas, the goldbergs, Prok wars, etc. Technique wise I would be able to learn and play them, but just not at that high a standard, and not what I would like them to be at, or what I would be able to play them at if I learned them in say 10 or 20 years.

What do you guys think on the matter, if you learn a piece now, can you continue learning and evolving the piece as you grow older, or will the bad habits and da juvenile interpretation stick for life? If no, what pieces are you saving for later when you can handle them better?

I don’t think there is anything wrong about learning the notes when u iz young. Andsnes learned and recorded some of Beethoven 5 late sonatas when he was I think around 20. He has no taken them back and sais that he understands them A LOT better today. So yes I think it is good to save some pieces untill you are “mature” enough. In the end u iz da only one who knows wen u iz ready.

-da Meph

rach 3 wuz pozz tha firzt rocky piece i evah attemptd :rock:

Can’t hurt anyone if you learn them just for yourself, and you need to realize that you’re too young to learn certain pieces. Just as long as you don’t go all too serious about it, can’t see why not.

I think the philosophy that you “have to be so-and-so age to even think of playing this” is a bunch of bs.


That said, there should be an age restriction on the Rach 3rd because, oh my god, people just keep on butchering it.

zave lezz phyzically demandin piecez till u iz oldah

play :stop: while u can

den do a :ho:

Koji, your philosophy probably works with professional pianists. You have to understand that our level (members here) and your level are totally different. You are at the top or very close to it already. Intuitively speaking, one should know his/her own skill.

Just take the Brahms PC no.1 sheetmusic and take a look at it. You should be able to judge whether you are ready for it. So, the idea of “saving works” doesn’t hurt.

Well, it’s one thing to perform such works publicly, but for one’s own pleasure, I certainly don’t see the point of denying yourself of learning pieces you really feel passionate about. You don’t know what you’re capable of unless you try, in other words.


Frustrated that there isn’t a Willy Brahms 2? 8)