Youtube classical comp with random Carnegie concert … 39,00.html

So, anyone gonna enter? :comme:

I just read the sheeyat a bit more carefully, seems that it will be judged on a user vote, which means that the chick with the nicest rack will win. :astanova:

hhaaa maybe we can make an agreement with pianostreet, and vote massively for da :comme:

:dong: :dong:

“Finalists will be chosen by a judging panel and YouTube users to travel to New York in April 2009”

Judging panel consists of members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, Berliner Phil and London Phil, so it’s a quality panel. Hope they upload the piano part soon, wud be nice to go to NY :smiley: .

true, but the first selection is done by youtube users

HAHAHAHA da definitive endorzment cummah

oooohh zhen de!

interesting. but i’d porly fail >_>


why is there no sample part for piano!!

and the audition pieces for piano technically are a lot simpler than the corresponding audition pieces for anything else.

VIOLIN - Paganini Caprice 20 or 24
PIANO - Brahms intermezzo 188/2 [sic]