Yuja Wang's second DG album: "Transformation"


Three Movements from Pétrouchka

Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in E major K. 380

Johannes Brahms
Variations on a Theme by Paganini op. 35, Books I & II

Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in F minor/C major K. 466

Maurice Ravel
La Valse

Weird programming

Sexy, but her playing sounds like piano rolls.

hahaha :rudy:

annoying voice OMG

who the fuck gives a shit about yuja wang? shes just another run of the mill conservatory product with run of the mill playing and run of the mill repertoire. she just happens to be hotter than most of them.

that repertoire

why not just call this cd “yuja wang sucks 35 cocks”?

ahahah i iz juz anticipatin a comme entry wiz zum sheeyat lyk:

I dun give a zheeyat eithah

but i wud give a fuck :comme: 8)

clearly, DG cares $$ only.

:dong: > :shrimp:

hahahaha perfect imitasheeyat of da comme CG pun style. Rezpec! 8)

and tru I concur with Kritty, which is why DG is not the “elite” label it once was (although I personally never thought it was all that horrorshow).

zhe look lyk a bankok hookah

if u mean, while being interviewed…tru

haha shame on DG

she’s cute btw, IMO