Zalon rep & Golden Age Clazzix dat haf zince faded from da zpotlyt

When u explore zum ov da legendary GOLDEN AGE recz ov mofoz u begin to realize dat dey played many zheeyatz dat haf zince faded from da rep

Overall mozt ov deze piecez zeem lyk dey haf faded becuz dey iz either -
‘Empty virtuozity’ ‘Zentimental’ ‘Juz fun n not zeriouz’

I wud argue dat todayz concert rep iz TOO ZERIOUZ - not dat :nigga: zonz n Bach etc iz bad…juz dat we need mo balance.
I lyk da analogy ov a concert bein lyk a 3 courze meal - includin appetizahz :chocolate_bar: , main courze :meat_on_bone: , n dezert. :ice_cream:

Da piece dat zeemz to haf had da BIGGEZT fall ov all iz diz -


Once 1 ov da moz played n requezted piecez in da rep but now a fuckin relic :whale:

Pozt zum perfz both golden age n modern ov deze piecez!

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Tru dat clazzic!

Diz da bez perf I’ve heard ov it, legendary.


Hehe yeah - that’s her very first recording. She did it at her own expense, just hiring the studio to make a private record for her own use, but the Parlophone people were so impressed that instead of charging her they offered her a contract.

I love Joyce as a pianist, but in this particular study I prefer Hamelin. I think she’s too dry, and without the character and pianistic fluency of MAH.

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Anton Ruby appear to haf been played zumwut in da rep at dat tym but almoz cumpletely faded apart from hiz Melody + ztaccato etude + conc in d minah pozz.

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Da lib!

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Pieces from Palmgren, Henselt, Cyril Scott. Sinding’s Frühlingsrauschen.

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I vill zay dat concerts peniztz haff sumwhut cooled on Bach trannies

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Hahah dat iz tru, tiz often zeen az ‘impure’

Da Fact dat da BRA chaconne iz even in da rep iz a teztament to diz :whale:

Wut da fuck iz da point when u haf da BUZ CHAC available

ic :sunglasses:

Tru I eat a :bar: ov dark choc befo every meal :sunglasses: :chocolate_bar:

Da BACH TRANZ iz actually a clazzic way to open a rectal


Diz piece da abzolute OPPOZITE ov a golden age piece

Diz actually zound zumwut lyk a ZEPP GALA cg ztylee improv :cake:

includin :laughing: :laughing:

pozz in da zame genre az da zhreddah humorezk


Yeah I can’t understand why anyone would want to perform that version live


Written for Zimerman I think, so he can use his right hand to scream, point and shout at audience members who look suspicious.



lezz GOLDEN age

n mo

ZTONED age :sunglasses:

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hahahaah diz piece CG bazed on zumwut CG dance vibe n da ‘wrong note’ cg ov alwayz landin on dizzonant cg fartz

Actually da ZEPP zhud do a ziterape perf ov diz n it vil lykly turn out to be a priztine pure C maj zheeyat :sunglasses::musical_keyboard:

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Ahahahah dere iz a fine lyn between CG n PURE ZHEEYAT

But datz an irrelevant point fo diz zong :poop: :sunglasses:


Da Buz chaconne has a few overly-thick spots with some unpleasant added dissonances by Busoni, it would have been more tasteful in Liszt’s version if that ever materialized

Da Brahms is completely ineffective, and does not sound good on the piano at all, imho

HAHAHAAH da clazzic

da GENIE :genie: wiz hiz gensui FARTAH interuptionz

n da record fo diz piece da MENACE


chozin a much mo zwift tempo

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