Zcrib Prelude fo LH alone

Diz clazzic

Dat olden time, right before I met mah ex but aftah I got rejected by a 29 year old Korean. 8)

Diz Bach Buz too 8)

damn you was once a Romantic. Don’t let yo passions die homie. Skags cum and go but the Romantic Spirit lives on :pimp:


I did this for my FD-induced LH graduation recital.
Why not play the nocturne as well?
For me op 9 is one work.

Da Ho played juz da Prelude fo encore 8)

He also played the last movement of prok 7 and danse russe as encores.
I know that most people just play one of the prelude and nocturne, sudbin and YW did the same sheeyat. But I disapprove.

Daim. Oh well.
Da noct is great tru.

I remember a fucked up dream I had where sum fat singer chick wuz singing da Scrib Noct for LH and sumbody was laughing hysterically in da audience
Wtf 8)