Zenph Studios - Heresy or Awesome?

What you guys think of these dudes that do full reperformances? Also what about this tech being used to make new interps and put them across from scratch?

Incredibly sheeyat.

I listened carefully to deir releases, needless to say - it simply is a glorified, modern “piano roll” reproduction

We just can’t have a “recreation” perf of a recording and have it approach da true performer’s tone.

Da Rach reproduction was fun but distinctly not his playing at all


Da fuchah might be AI recs of stuff wiz deir own unique individual interpretation not hindered by tech.

How about making a Rach style rec of stuff not in his rep?
Dat could be fun

Mostly sheeyat like piano rolls

But better den nothing

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This interesting but not how they are using this weird. I think because they use the original recs which have huge problems representing any number of things its sort of goofy. Like the Rach Moment Musical clearly programmed with the limp dicked low end from the recording tech of the time.

I think it would be cool if some of these mofos near the end of their careers with shit hands started using their wisdom to program the detail into the repro mechanisms and live playback prep on the piano. That could be cool.

It would also help a little if they used the correct matching piano.

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I think the whole idea of trying to reproduce an artist’s tone mechanically - is deeply flawed, and a waste of time.

I’d be curious how well tone is captured on the Yamaha CFX with disclavier function.
Probably also a very high end piano roll

Artists produce - TONE!
And tone is elusive

It can’t even be captured 100% properly, much less REPRODUCED

This the equivalent of a fuckin

Beyond Meat Burger

I’m out!

  • It’s great!
  • Like wanking to Suzu on a 5-inch screen. Squirting. Squinting. And calling it “date night” GTFO

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Zum mofo analysed da grieg playing of his own zon and den recorded da rest of da movts based on informed guess work. Cridickally it was a failure.

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Tiz like YouTube suggesting Lang Lang vids after you click on a Horowitz vid.

It’s like da :tm: looking fo a :hui: alternative.
Dere isn’t, dere is only ONE soulmate, n dey is connected wiz u before I wuz even born

Tiz like da Jav studios dat billed Nagisa Mitsuki (sometimes: Misuki or 渚みつき) as a valid replacement for Suzu Ichinose

Dere will NEVER be another Suzu.

And da Rach tone, once produced with his Thiccccc fingers will NEVER be reproduced

I’m out.
Before I accidentally paste diz into my Scrib dissertation. Fuck.


hahahahaha fuckkkkkk
deze examplez :dong::dong::dong::dong::dong:


I heard Rach and Yuja on a spirio. A bit cool, mostly meh