Zeriuz anzerz only :zunglazzez:


coq recital featuring medtner and kapuztin

like. i haven’t had lessons in ages and i’ve been doing theze two composers basically myself for so long. feelin a bit stuck recently, mostly because i don’t think i particularly want a big solo career or anything - not that the rep i play will get me one lol. i enjoy lots of chamber instead, i think.

haven’t played a full programme in a really long time and i didn’t have as much time as i wanted to fix this up, i had about 3 weeks’ notice to cover someone and probably overloaded on rep.

zhitpostz are great but like. based on yalls ideas, what can i do from here on - whether it be musically, sonically, or technically?

(also dat shosty waltz tranzcripzhun only arrived like 5 dayz before the cuncert. i probably zhouldn’t haff played it :sunglasses: )