Zheeyat modern era zound iz worze den golden age zound

been gettin into mo :rectum: recz lately and otha later 20th century peniztz dat I hafnt fully appreciated to da fullezt

I haf alwayz enjoyed da warmth ov da golden age zound n actually enjoy da tone in mozt recz

and I enjoy modern recz wiz wikid priztine zound

da biggezt hurdle fo moi iz da :rectum: (etc but diz a great example) live/zubztandard ztudio recz wiz brittle unforgiving ugly zound

Obviouzly cleanin diz up n tryin to make it a modern zound wud be a futile exercize

but can any mofo apply a legendary GOLDEN AGE filtah to zum brittle zoundin RECTUM recz to give dem a warm halo ov gensui golden age hizz?

I zumhow think I wud enjoy deze ztyle ov 60z-80z much mo wiz diz ztylee :lib:


I agree…

Da smooth 30’s-50’s HMV studio abbey road recs is one of the few instances of a truly natural recorded 88 tone

Longer post:

Most modern recs are edited to death.
Da engineer mofos tend to favor a setup which captures the least amount of natural ambience, so they can potentially splice anyfuckinwhere, at da artists whim.

Recording the piano up-close does not capture a piano tone naturally at all, as the piano tone forms more than 6 feet out from the open lid.

Most of the record companies then apply a shitty digital reverb (I’m thinking of YOU, Hyperion) to cover the bar-by-bar editing, further distorting the piano tone into the musical equivalent of a smoothed-over Instagram thot CATFISHING yo azz.

Some of the BEST modern recs are the ones from live radio broadcast, which are recorded with natural ambience from da hall.

The problem with da recorded sound really started from the late 50’s (look at da over edited Horowitz official recs starting from 1954 or so), when artists wanted to fully use the capability of INTRUSIVE EDITING:

The live Horowitz bootlegs from the 1960’s, recorded out in the hall on good reel-to-reel recorders, truly capture his tone and artistry far better than the overedited frankstein recs released by Columbia.

Lastly, many pianos (Yamaha CFX, what the FUCK) now are voiced for maximum “projection” and an almost “digi” sort of vibe in terms of sheer brightness, to the extent that the more mellow colors are lost (this is true for the Horowitz piano as well, I far prefer his recordings 1928-1936 done on a normal, non juiced-up piano).

Diz legendary Abbey Road studio is where da great 1930’s-50’s recs were made by Cortot, Horowitz, Moiseiwitsch, Lipatti (I don’t consider him a “golden age great”), Friedman (dat chop nocturne was recorded in that studio, as Columbia used HMV’s studio space for that session) and others.

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Filtering won’t help much…

Randomly, da RIBBON mics used starting from 1925 until da 50’s - capture da piano tone beautifully and sound naturally “rounded out”

Ribbon mics are not commonly used for 88 recs anymore, mofos go for da ultra-realistic condenser mics.


If you have to edit bar by bar you shouldn’t be fucking making recs.

A few splices between separate takes, or doing multiple corrective takes of nasty sections, fine, I’ll accept that.

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Dere are some very good sounding contemporary live recs out there.

The studio stuff is sadly like recording the COCK n PUSSY separately and making a porno.


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Da only thing they don’t skimp on is the cheap LUBE


Even moi uzez Reverb (“lube”) on ma YT rekz- but only due 2 da fakt dat moi kannot afford a ztudio mozt of da tym :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
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There are a ton of great sounding studio recs from the 70’s and beyond.

Sure, but I’m talking - truly natural recorded 88 tone.

Many of da @Brewtality bootlegs from the hall sound legendary.

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88 included.

Da orgy silky romantic Bach tone come here. Compare with nasal spikey studio sounds from times past.

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