Zherlock da zepp inveztigate da myzteriouz HUFF ROCKY3

da zepp haff zlite doubtz az to da authendick zpeed of diz rec:

if tru, den tiz da bezt ROCKY3 perf of all fuckin TYM :sunglasses:

da COCKZIZ ztill hold da record at 35’40zum zheeyat, BUT

diz 37min HUFF rec haff a curiouz chopfilez NAD 10/1 level chill-zl*w-interp ZPED-UP vibe, where every zheeyat ztill zound chill az fuck n ultra zolid dezpite da inzane tempo, n da few zpotz where full-girth wuz already unleazhed now zound a bit WTF zped-up, lyk da final fuckin octz :sunglasses:

n actually da zepp only ztarted doubtin diz rec aftah comparin it to da HUFF VID PERF taken 3 yrz latah, where every zect zound bazically da zame, juz 20% zl*wah :sunglasses:

tru dizcuzz diz random curiouzity :sunglasses:

da clazzic comparative rezearch cummah :sunglasses:

ahahaha mannnn i dun think dere wuz diz much OCT TECH decline between:
PRIME HO n HOinjap :sunglasses:

alzo da KAT az da obviouz control-arm of diz experiment:

I knew the taper! Without actually having listened to the tube version I don’t think there’s any tampering here. Hough had a superman technique in those days, and wasn’t afraid to use it. I remember it as blazingly fast as well. Also, when comparing recs the tempo adopted depends on the conductor.

I think there are two pissybolities:

  1. Either Levine groped the soloist just before the concert and the peniszt was so upset (or: excited?) about it that he could play at a supernatural speed;
  2. Somebody or something tampered with the original speed of the recording.

Oh, since it’s Levine the first one goes without saying, and having listening to the youtube video myself now the second one does as well. :slight_smile:

I have the original, which is sharp in pitch. This tuber has corrected the pitch, but has done so isochronally! The speed at da tube hence really is wrong.


Haha ma fave rocky 3 is still Ho/Barb n also da Rach own rec…

ahahahah ok wut iz da TYMIN of da original zheeyat? (from firzt note to lazt) da zepp wud guezz around 40-41 mins bazed on hiz current undahztandin of da HUFF TECH :sunglasses:

n randomly

when da fuckin zepp :stopwatch:

queztion da authendick ZPEED of a rec

u really zhudn dizmizz it dat eazily :sunglasses:

da zuzpiciouz zheeyat dat throw moi off in da key zectz iz da CHILLED ZOUND. tiz tru dat all doze pzzgz can indeed be unleazhed at diz zpeed o even faztah, but forced phrazin, anchorin notez, zqueeze facilitazheeeyat n mini breatha-zpotz wud be detectable. accuracy iz a bit hard to gauge wiz diz rec quality, but

wut i iz zayin iz dat, to realizdickly unleazh at DIZ zpeed, da interp/phrazin zhud necezarrily zound a bit

zepp-lyk, which

it dun in diz caze

n dat wuz cauze enuff fo zuzpicion :sunglasses:

It clocks in at about 38:17 at the correct speed, plus a 30 sec or so pause between I & II. It’s an insane performance even originally though, which is why I didn’t think it was necessarily tampered with - just not this insane!

HAHAHAH tru dat wud ztill be a bit legendary!!!

but u zay da original rec iz pitched highah. zo iz it pozz da rec u haff iz already

a zped-up verzion of a random 40min perf? :sunglasses:

Does anyone play the quaver ossia 8ve passage?

tru da ELECTRO play diz :sunglasses:

n i vil let u guezz who diz mofoz iz, randomly a fittin nick aftah da nu zpidahmofo moviez :sunglasses:

That movie sucked. Which is annoying coz I didn’t mind the first one.

I’m guessing has something to do with Jaime or Foxx or Max or Dillon?

ahahahah ok da anzah cummah :sunglasses:

haha wtf? Surely not just coz he’s black?
Also, I thought it would be more impressive but switching back to the triplets immediately afterwards pulls back momentum.

I remember Sokolov playing the ossia ending.

ahahaha u vil agree diz brotha regiztah an imprezzive readin on da watt metah :sunglasses:

The HUFF PUFF is a pretentious twitter twat, and out of principle - I refuse to listen to any of his recs.

But listening to tha pletnophile is fine?

I dun liszten to dat mofo either, but mostly due to da forte quality, not da pedo


ahahahahaha da BEZT FORTE QUALITY

in da PIMP randoml zpanizh fant oct zpazz zectz :sunglasses:

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