Zhrimp. Pimp. Imprezziv.

wdch.laphil.com/tix/performance_ … fm?id=2770
Brought da fury against overfull orcheztrizzle, muchly.

Da Dizney Demonic ratingz:

Toradze Rocky 3 > Dongah Rocky 2 = Zhrimp Pimp 1 > Dre SanSon 3 > MendelssOhlsson 1 ~> Uchida Emperor >> DaBidet some forgettable sheeyat (Ravel?) ~ Fliter *1 >> Anderwhoozits Bartok 3


im seeing him play the same thing in one month

randomly he really should start varying his rep up a bit…i saw him last year playing…liszt…and chopin…and the year before that it was…more chopin

i am happy that he keeps coming back though, as he is a wonderful pianist

Hey TS: I assume you are going to the Yundi Concert in Vancouver on the 14th?

I’m still debating whether or not to go.

iz da shrimp randomly trying to b da next machine gun?


tru…datz da one