Ziff Carmen tribute

Random unleazh in piano shop



a bit WIKID!!

i detect da clazzic ziff trademarkz but alzo mo importantly

a mildly COMME-lyk impro ztylee! :comme:

ahahahaha rezpec 8)

randomly da feztin haz da cg ability to make da theme zound much mo MOIZT den itz zurroundinz, diz an advanced tech tru 8)

Ahahaha who could forget da tru gensui reworked revolutionary chopet?

And tis tru, I like to add cheezy interp to themes :dong:


Diz crispy clean impro style, Rezpek!
Mo den a bit legendary.

Tru, u iz a disciple ov da FURY 8)

I got told “the piano is feeling tired” a bit later :laughing:

I wish I could see the rest of da ziff carmen, one min on da tube is nowhere near enough to satisfy my curiosity.


I also kinda like da BUZ Carmen.
I’ve seen Diz mofo in da HO programs c 1924 tru!

Da Buz one is kinda odd, it’s almost polystylistic in its contrasting sections. da ho’s own later famous version is basically pimped up from Mozkowski iirc.

Truuu tho harshly da Ho skipped da best part - dat repeated note zheeyat in da Moscowzky

Ah, it’s a long time since I looked at da moz one. Must check it out again.

imslp.org/wiki/Chanson_boheme_de … %2C_Moritz


Thanks, I was just listening to da PONTI in this!

Rezpec. I haf no talent for making improv like that. :blush:

I’ve improvised as long as I can remember, indeed sometimes when I’m not supposed to. Spontaneously reharmonising chordal passages in the chopfant during a mastahclass does not score bonus points :blush:

Haha what a tight-ass m*zical society we live in.

For shame…