ziff vs. da doc

Is that that sick yellow dude known for tapping someone’s balls till dey explode?

dats rite 8)

never heard of him!

get a life you sicck turtle wit a rabbit dick

go fuck yo momma, ya fuckwitted fuckwit!

Sieg HEil

what the fuck, the level of this forum is going downhill, at first a cool site now a refuge for nazi sympathisers



Da real puzzy nevah reveal da actual name.


So, I assume u r.

dats rite
da comme iz a nazi himself…
but only on Sunday

hahaha, da only nazi regime i support iz da 1 where u fuck blondez

There’s no comparison to da Ziff. He is DA sdc legend, hands down. Fuck lyrical playing and accuracy (although he has both)… da true embodiment of da SDC is da power and speed Ziff can unleash. Da Doc has impressive speed, but lacks FURY miles behind what Ziff puts out.

hahahahaha, u r correct

BUT da doc CAN unleash, but chooses not to

dis iz da quandry 8)

hactually da fact dat he chooses not to unleash his fury means dat it iz being bottled up inside of him and will one day explode out of him as he unleashez da most fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy evah.
Preferably playing Totentanz live so we can compare da fury factor to da ziff’s 8)



in fact, da e60 iz gonna experience da toten

ida doc iz playin dis sheeyat in NYC, thrac - u dont miss dis neitha

fo real? dayum lucky bastards, da doc has never even come to da Oz. :imp: :angry:

he will im sho

hes goin to NZ next fall

he plays in da comme house tonight 8)