Zlit pimp hungry rapist 2 encore

Haha wiz her own mini caddy.

Da 88 sounds if it was tractored at its previous rectal outing.

Da zlit playing as if she’s in a hurry to kill some :ukraine: mofoz

Russky propaganda a long way from this geniuz.

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For every Gilels, at least 20 mofos perished in the war or killed in a Stalinist camp for leaving the newspaper open facedown on a picture of Lenin

Neighbor who snitched on rewarded with one extra coffee ration but got snitched on by his daughter next month

Gilels playing imo best before his WWII insane concert schedule and burnout

His US debut was slated for 1939 btw

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I’ve cooled towards Gilels over the last few years. Afanassiev studied with him and idolizes him (somehow not reflected in his interps) but I don’t find his sheeyat inspiring or inspired.

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The stuff before 1947 is noticeably more interesting

Easy enough for people to judge, he experienced WWII and shit likely scarred him.

Gilels also a case of a mofo growing out of being a totally insane child prodigy. The fact that he was at the top of his game through age 33 or so is legendary