Zonata movementz dat wud work well programmed alone or az an encore

I’m zhor variouz early Beethoven zonata finalez wud work wikidly

Alkan 1zt or 2nd mvtz ov da Grande Zon

Mozt famouzly diz -

Wut elze? And wut do u think ov diz long lozt tradition dat died out when recitalz became ‘zeriouz az fuck’

Alzo tru diz abzolute klazzic

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Finale of :nigga: op 26?


…I can’t think of much. I generally prefer to hear sonatas complete. I did a search for fun and, excepting individual quirks like Berman’s 49/2-II and Lupu’s 664-II, the only movements that came up which are being excerpted regularly across many pianists are Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca, the Prok-7 Precipitato, Weber’s Perpetuum Mobile, Schumann’s Wieck variations, and Mozart’s K.545-I. Also Chopin’s Funeral March, but normally only when one is called for. Remarkably enough not the Moonlight Adagio, though it did appear once or twice.

One which isn’t really being done either but which I can imagine would work is the Pathetique Adagio. I did hear Lupu play it once after a Beethoven concerto.


Schiff plays da andante favori as an encore as it was originally da Waldo zlow mov.

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Tru zame wiz da inzane grozze fuge :nigga:

Cuntrary to da X i think diz zhud be done mo often

Ezpecially wiz da mozart n haydn becuz to be honezt I gewt a bit mored wiz deir zlw movementz n often prefah da zpirited finalez :whale::trump:

Herr Doktor Professor Alf would agree with you. He’s the king of encored sonata movements, though probably just since that’s basically all he knew.

Trifonov did this season Schumann’s Presto passionato, original last movement of his G minor Sonata.

I think Haydn C major sonata (XVI-50), 3rd movement would work nice as an encore. Mozart KV 545-II as well, or some Rondos, like KV 333-III.

One guy did Hammerklavier as an encore (I forgot his name but can check) and Kemal Gekic Chopin’s 3rd Sonata (once in Zagreb).

https://youtu.be/IRj9rvekmuc :sunglasses:

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Hehe yeah. Hamelin encored the entire Op.111 once as well - and we’ve all heard about Serkin.



Trifonov used to play slow movement of Prokofiev 8th as en encore.

He also played Beethoven Sonata op. 31 no. 3 4th movement as an encore after da Emperor concerto.