Zupah da laureate of da 5th prize at da national chop comp

diz tru , i can upload da finales next few dayz , da finalez wuz one of 4 mozart concertoz , i played da c-minor , t’waz my firzt time wif an orchestra honeztly , and randomly i get a good scholarship and money prize for dat … diz tru … yay !!

RESPEC :chop:

-da Meph

winnin a chop comp

by playin zart

juz wtf :whale:

Doez u think they mistook you for da Genie?? haha

j/k congratulazionz

compz zuck!!!

I predickt dere wuz 5 mofoz in diz comp :lib: 8)

:whale: :whale: :whale:

haha … tiz random . its da mozt famouz polizh national comp , for more dan 50 yearz it takes out da candidates for da int’l . anywayz , it was da national chop comp but my rep for diz comp wuz like :
I stage :
Mozart - Fantasie and Fugue (the only stupid mozart work i cant think of a reason they did it compulsary)
Chop - 10/8 10/10
Debussy - pour les agrements
Rach - 39/3

II stage :
Brotha - Les Adieux
Chopin - preludes op.28/19-24
Barber - sonata

III stage :
zart concerto c-minor 491

i do not agree wif da jury’s choice (random polizh corruption?) anywayz , im quite happy and ive been selected also to go to da padarewski comp now … diz tru diz tru

aahhahhahahahah fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

MAZZIV rezpec! u haff honahd tha SDC

congratulationz tru 8) :whale:


HAHAHA respec!!!


congratz! Zo obviouzly da problem wit ur unpredicktable penis iz under control now :whale:

:ho: wtg :slight_smile: :chop:

congratz. jesus, the skill in this place is getting far beyond me. I need to practise.

brew I can confirm that u own me. n seriosly da talent of mozt penizez here iz fuckin high.

-da Meph :comme:

haha Da Irony of it all

ahha i dun c any irony :confused:

well thanks for all your congrats… it is a big thing for me but com’on its not like its the huge competition , hope i get further with these things , but one thing is for sure , my piano career , whatever it may be like , it starts from this little success and im quite happy (specially for the money , i never thought money would make me so happy).
and now im quite nervous to upload the finals as i believe it is quite good for a first timer but still i have little fuck ups specially the cadenza so im not sure if i have to upload it. anyway . goodnight motherfuckers




:comme: 'n pozz zepp iz a minority here.


you dont know how much i suck AT ALL. you will when i post a rec soon.

congrats zupah!

:chop: :whale: