Bortkiewicz E minor Etude, Op. 15 (Presto furioso, heh)

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Wut da fuck iz it with yah and late romantic sheeyat. Wy dun yah play sum stravinsky oh Prok. Mah bad self knuw yah lyk da Prok becuase yah haff recorded da 4. movement of da 6. sonata. And who dun lyk da Stravinsky? And wut about Shostakovich? I bet you lyk all of these mofos. So play them and record them.

Mah bad self will listen latah. But I guess dat da title sais it all. Presto(speed) Furioso(fury).

-da Meph




but wherez da SDC accuracy? 8)


It sounded lyk it was difficult. And you played it fats and furious. Good piece but not exeactly Prokofiev.

Also yah haff to play Bartók!

-da Meph


Tiz fuckin great

I lyk da BORT



da KOJI polished hiz rep fo da next RECTUM comp 8)

rezpec fo dat


Koji, i haff a question

how difficult are da BORT etudes?
are dey mo difficult than da chopets?
I am thinkin about learning sum Bort sheeyat cos i truly like da Bort’z music.


hahahaha, da seriouz queztion


i haf a more seriouz question:

Does wanking really help da octz? or hinder?


As with the Chopets, some are not so tough, others are a real Bitches. Prok, Bartok, and Shosty are overplayed imo, that’s why I don’t play much of them anymore.



Very wikid perf.


yez it does



I dont belive you. You cant handle the fury of Bartok.
Exept for the sonatas not much of Prokofiev is overplayed. Do you really think that those unknown late romantic composers are first class composers? If yes why?

What about stravinsky?. Deffinetly not overplayed.

-The Mephisto


The only bartok I really like (eside the concerti) are the etudes. I did the Out out Doors suite a long time ago, but got bored with it quickly. Stravinsky the same thing; I really like the etudes ad performed them but not crazy about the piano rag music, sonata or the horredously overplayed petroushka. Heard way too much prok growing up.
Yes, I believe composers such as Liadov, Liapuov, blumenfeld, bortkiewicz, etc. are just as important as Rachmaninoff, who is universally played and loved.



i concur … btw you play blumenfeld’s op.36 for left-hand ?


Sais the mofo who plays Chopins third sonata and Brahms 2. pianoconcerto. You do understand that I cant take what you say seriously. And how is it possible only to like a few pieces how Bartók?1
Wut about Ginastera?

-The Mephisto


What the hell does that have to do with anything? Ginastera I heard too much played by high school students growing up, but he’s a good composer. I enjoy bartok’s other music (especially the string quartets) far more than the piano compositions. Since you oviously love him so much, why don’t YOU play him?



I decided to start working on da BORT 15/7

btw da Bartok has FURY


Bort 15/7 kicks much ass. :slight_smile:



You say that you will not play Bartok, Prokofiev and Shostakovic becuase they are overplayed. But you play Chopin who is probably the most overplayed piano-composer who have ever lived. Even Glenn Gould played the third sonata. And also the 2. Brahms concerto is a overplayed work. This doesnt exactly make sence, when you say that you dont want to play the overplayed composers… Anyway you are off course allowed to play what ever you want to play.
How do you know if I never play Bartók. Well I have never played any Bartok. The reason for that is because he is a new composer to me. And also becuase I am a crappy pianist and I havent had time to play Bartok becuase I have played a lot of other music. I am glad you like Ginastera. Some of of the composers I like such as Chopin I never play. So I can understand why you dont play those composer I listed up.

-The Mephisto