Da 25 greatezt peniztz EVAH - Includin da DONGAH, BAREN n BRENDULL


Tru I wud agree dat diz lizt :pimp: iz zumwut definitiv n unqueztionable :sunglasses:


Da fuckin UGHIDA. :thinking:

I’m allergic to Brendull. Old zlow cunt.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Again, this is not a pianist anyone alive today has had the privilege to hear, but by all accounts – and judging by the piano music he wrote – he could give anyone in this list a run for their money.

TRU da ZART wud be a wikid ZCRIB interpretah :sunglasses:




My teacher told an anecdote as part of his spiel on stage deportment, the punchline of which was “don’t bow like Uchida [at some concert or other], she looked like she was grabbing her genitals”


AHAHAHAHAHA bazed on diz lizt

we can zafely cuntclude dat

da ZART vil beat da KAN in a DUEL :sunglasses:


ahahahah DAYUM diz zuppozed to be a bad zheeyat? :sunglasses:


alzo randomly i recall a wtf theory from zum ancient webzite 15 yrz ago claimin

da ORGY n da UCHIDA wuz in fact da zame perzon :sunglasses:


That was not only ignorant but downright pathetic. I can’t think of any metric which would justify this list.


To be honest I like Uchida. I listen to her for Mozart, Debussy, Schoenberg, some Schumann and Messiaen


Aaargh, I couldn’t resist attempting one of my own. This is not (…!) my personal list, but I singled out a few from each generation based on their esteem, influence, ability to sustain a career, and when applicable post-mortem relevancy, which gave me 40 pianists. I then trimmed it down to 25 based on my assessment of the dents they’ve made.

25 really wasn’t enough to cover all time however. I could get it down to 33 with a reasonably clear conscience, but the last 8 were people I think would have needed to be in here. Also none from the young generation since I think it’s too early, even though one or two would be included on my personal list where I wouldn’t have to take impact and influence in to account.

Rubinstein I
Rubinstein II


Her second Vienesse stuff is great and her Debussy ets are a classic.
I heard her play Jaketok by Hungarian dude who’s name eludes me atm, was bloody amazing.


I like some of her things as well - as with Brendel and even Andsnes - but you can’t make a list of the “25 Greatest Pianists of All Time” simply based on who you like. From the looks of it they just picked a few famous ones they listen to, and spiced it with a couple of famous names they could think of from the past. There doesn’t seem to have been much more to it than that, but yet let’s publish. Quality. :+1:

For what it’s worth I thought one of the hardest ones to cut from the 25 was Pogorelich. But that ability to sustain a career part… and he was wildly controversial even when young, even though I think all that shows is that our time too have our share of pompous conservatives with an all too firm view of how music “should” be played. But I dare say he’s left a greater mark on both his and future generations than at least two or three others I did keep in my attempt.

At the other end of the spectrum another I thought was hard to remove was Pollini. My opinion of him is not high, but I do think he was important and perhaps the first clear example of what the next generation would classify as “modern piano playing”, with an all-encompassing holistic technique, strong analytical skills, objective readings, big picture rather than details, truth rather than art, knowledge rather than instinct, and so forth. But I don’t think his recordings will stand the test of time as well as the others, so he got ruthlessly (and satisfyingly) slashed in my trimming phase.


I am a big Pollini fan




HAHAHAH mann diz lizt iz juz fuckin inzane

Clearly written fo nucummahz to clazz but even den it juz confuzez mo den educatez :whale:


That’s very good for you since there’s a lot with him to listen to.

For what it’s worth my gripe with their list isn’t so much the pianists as the title. If they had just said “Here are 25 Pianists we at ClassicFM really like” I would have been perfectly fine with it. But when a classical music publication states “Teh 25 Gratiezt Paino Playahs EVAH” I think this is… I mean who are they, Better Homes & Gardens?


Notable exceptionz:



Hahahaha da holy one not even on there :zif:

Wtf :dong:


Yeh dey is called clazzic FM lizteners.

Ocazzionally they have zum good ztuff, but I really hated when they advertises thos ‘full works’ CD. Like that’s something special. The full work is the bloody full work and should be heard as such.