da inztant clazzic POZT YO PIC THREAD


well explained;


hah mansperm; indeed that’s what I use to host my files


I’m the fool at the right


hahahahah tha nu celeb look alyk genzui


hahahahaha man tha comme pozt yo pic :comme:




hahahasha but doez it beat tha clazz of '78 ROB?



tha 1958 pic look eerily zimilah to mah current zheeyat


hahahahaha tha zupah circa 1976

(bazd on a pic from pg 2 of thiz thread)



hahahahahah tha WOOD 1974



tha TS in 1994 :whale:


ahahahha n finally tha 1994 ORGY





hahahah thats…like…totally narly dude :whale: :whale:

still class of 78 rob is unparalleled :laughing:


i forget wtf…


narly 8)


HAHAA CG THREAD, only pic I have iz too old and I had it as my avatar forever, I vil considah posting it here for future reference


HArshly I have 0 recent pictures of myself


:whale: :whale: :whale:

from da golden age




the chick in the far left: please tell me you have tapped that :whale:


dat? gosh she is 30+
you r gonna tap on her?
or you actually meanz dat chick in dah second far right
dat may be already a chicken

pardon me
its juz a joke pls dun punish me
gonna go to hell