Da Super Mega Ultra Book of Etudes


Oh, it wuz da ROCKMMZ I had in mind.



I popped into da 88ztreet recently but can’t remember what for.
I did enjoy the ah-thal fights, culminating in thal leaving the group over a Brexit debate but I think he’s back now.


I bet he was pro Brexit. I remember getting xenophobic vibes from him. AH was pompous and pretentious but fairly harmless.


Yes, very pro Brexit. There was a very lengthy thread about it, made doubly lengthy by ah’s inability to make a point in under 1000 words…


To be fair 500 is replying very literally (and pointlessly) to someone trying to make a joke.
AH’s brain + humour = :nopazz:

Although I did see him ‘react’ to a pun on fb. Such high intellect finding the generally referred to as lowest form of humour amusing? :zcholah:


I never really understood that claim about puns. They requires your mind to work a certain way and can be very clever. Da COMME is well known for his, and in French humour it’s also very common.



dayum we need diz zcientizt here :sunglasses:


You need to be clever to come up with them on the spot; they earn rounds of applause whenever that’s happened. But reading them, they more often than not elicit only a groan so maybe the reason? I dunno…


AHAHAHAHA a nu neural-net project fo da MART :sunglasses:


Da 88ztreet needs a would you hit it section. Me thinks they’re under the impression that sex doesn’t exist in da classical world…


This was the closest iirc:


There was also an interminable (well, it became interminable on account of AH’s out of control pedantry and verbosity) thread on da Wang’z shoes.


Dayum…literally difficult to read some of thoze queers attempt to politely talk about pussy

Da only CG wuz u??


Dunno if I posted at all in dat thread. Def not in the first page, n I’m fucked if I’m reading the rest to check…