Da WIM MAX ZPEED inveztigazheeyat cummah!


ic :sunglasses:


He’s bought a whiteboard :yum:


I watched a bit of this earlier.



I suppose we should be grateful to da WIM.

What he’s really saying is that he has muzicologically proved dat we’re faztah den da PIMP.


There also appear to be some morons in the comments talking about the necessity for notes to be individually perceptible.


Certainly by the time we get to Ravel and Debussy, and assuredly in some :pimp: you absolutely DON’T want the notes to be individually perceptible. :arpzorgy:


ahahahaha da zepp juz find diz whole zeriez inzanely faczinatin

n we haff to zwallow our pride n admit

diz mofo iz doin

BETTAH academik rezearch on 88 zpeed playin (tho in da form of biazed oppozition rezearch u wud c in a polidickal campaign) den any mofo in da fuckin SDC, includin da zepp himzelf

FUCK!! :snail: :fire: :sunglasses:


We don’t need to do academic rezearch, dat iz for pedantz n :snail: :snail: :sunglasses:


ahahahaha mannnnnn da way he iz able to find all deze random articlez n obzcure publicazheeyatz dat zupport hiz view


REZPEC :sunglasses:


Da von Bulow gave a rectal of da lazt 5 brothazonz pluz da AZZPAZZION az an encore iirc.

At wimtempo da poor mofoz in da audience will haff needed cathetahz n coloztomy bagz.



I didn’t watch this, but the support I have seen earlier has been on the order of


I must admit that I find these historic articles by obscure musicians fascinating to read. :stuck_out_tongue:
So, quarter note = 152 iz da max. speed until da late 19th century he’s saying.
The only problem is,
gensui like :pimp: and :chop: :kan:can’t be measured with da measures of mediocrity.



I bet you can go faztah :clock1: :sunglasses:

But dis iz juzt to demonztrate dat 10/12 uppah speed limit iz abzurd.

20 npz, and this is obviously easy…



diz WIMET alzo

a LUBET :sunglasses:


Hahaha fuck, yeah. My ardickulasheeyat iz sloppy enuff to compete wiv da LUBE :smiley:


mannnnnn diz dizturbinly accurate ztatement

bazed on da zepp current rezearch

i believe dere iz > 88% probability dat

u play da MOZEZ ARP ORGY ENDIN faztah den da THALburglah evah did himzelf :sunglasses:


Hahahaha FUCKKKK!
Luckily I haff already cuntduckted sum rezearch on dis important mattah:


HAHAHAHAHA exactly az da zepp haff zuzpected :icon_stopw_sdc_473: :sunglasses:



da WIM look at da zcorez at if it wuz 3000 y old hieroglyph documentz to deciphah tryin to find rozetta helpah in librariez

da CG iz dat zum :pimp: pupilz died in da fuckin 1920’z

derez alive mofoz hu haff 3 degree of zeparation with da pimp

all european teachah iz linked to da pimp

breakin diz oral teachah-pupil continuity wud need a conzpiracy much mo inzane den da 911 conzipiracy zheeyat with thouzandz of people involved :tm::tm::tm:


Lamond and von Sauer died in the 1940s!


Tru, and many others - da Ziloti, da Greef, da Rosenthal, da Motta. It could be their age, but somewhat interesting to the discussion is that all Liszt pupils I can think of stuck to “normal” tempos and did not join the speed trend which was à la mode during much of the 78-rpm era. And we know Liszt often used and consulted the metronome, including in his lessons with these mofos. They would hence have been “tempo aware” directly from da pimp.

Something for da Wim to think about. If he can, I think his brain died in the 40s too.