Da WIM MAX ZPEED inveztigazheeyat cummah!


“Name ten famous Belgians”

… Hercule Poirot, Eddy Merckx…

Marcel Mombeek, Wim and Marc Dutroux


Oh, and Tintin :point_up::x:


Hahaha da Mombeek


da MOMLEECH :smiley:


Bit late to the party here, and I don’t want to add to da Wim’s vid views (in the same way I avoid clicking da Lebrecht page), but how does he cope with or explain double beats in triple and compound time?


Good point. Maybe he keeps his “analyses” strictly to pieces in duple time…


It’s the use of the metronome he questions. He thinks a beat corresponds to a full period rather than a tick. So at every beat regardless of time signature, he lets the metronome tick twice and finds that his Czerny Etudes are so much easier to play that way.


Yeah, I guess that does cover all time signatures.


So he’d have two beats for a dotted quarter in 6/8? I bet he can’t play along to a metronome like that!


Good point. In theory it works for all time signatures, but it won’t really work if a work in 6/8 has a metrone marking for each dotted quarter. That would defy logic (it’s not impossible but plainly stupid).

For his point to make sense, then all metronome markings in 6/8 would have to be for each dotted half note. But is that the case?


For instance, this marking would be akward unless the point of this Chopin etude is to play a Chopin etude with your fingers and a Scriabin etude with your head …Capture%20new


From School of Velocity:


If my maths is right, this is 14.4nps at dotted quarter=72?


Oh god, wim would have a field day with that.

If dotted crotchet (quarter) = 72, then quaver (eighth note) = 216, not 104-132.


Yes I agree. (12 x 72)/60=14,4




Yes, I agree for the dotted crotchet =72… but the quaver metronome marking is approximately half that speed.


What does Czerny mean by the parantheses?


This is a very good question, as either they are contradictory or I am going mad.


That was a weird edition (just the first one that came to hand)

This is from the Peters Edition:



That’s sort of his signum at this point. I mean I appreciate he questions and has ideas, but this is one I’d drop within seconds after I started reasoning with myself. But not da Wim mofo. :pimp: He starts a youtube channel and imposes the term historically accurate tempo on the world. In video after video after video after video!