Da WIM MAX ZPEED inveztigazheeyat cummah!


Ok, it’s perfectly fine to have only official footage of 9/11 twin towaz n not a single amateur tape.
9/11 was pure bullshit, controlled demolition 100%.

Da TM fatha claims he saw da second plane hit from his office building down da street.
I’m not sure dere even was planes on 9/11


TruMofo are you really this stupid? Due you honestly believe all the insane crap that you’re writing?


Do you honestly believe that all the crap shoved down our throats from mainstream sources is real?

Oh, you take everything you see at face value without thinking critically?

Rethink your definition of stupid and perhaps

Get sum CG back.
Look at that grainyass 9/11 footage and wonder why, after 17 years - no other amateur footage, or still shots - have surfaced.

Another psyop shit pulled on the masses.
Believe what you like, dude, it seems that you’ve been brainwashed beyond any help


Yes. Yes I am.