DASDC Recording Recommendation thread


Pogorelich :sunglasses:


In no particular order Gieseking, Richter, Fiorentino, Casadesus, Perlemuter…


I second Richter & Gieseking :+1:

Zimerman, de Larrocha and Laplante have versions worth hearing too, though I’m at odds with all three (five really) for one reason or another myself.


Richter is my go to in that piece.


It was never a favourite of mine but Volodos really convinced me with his interpretation.

The Sonatine has always been my favourite Ravel piano work aside from Gaspard which is undoubtedly his masterpiece.


:revolving_hearts: Miroirs :revolving_hearts:


I only really like the middle pieces from Miroirs (une barque and alborada). I like the sonatine a lot, as well as la valse, the pavane and jeux d’eau.


Basicly all of Ravel’s piano music is great


He cheated by writing such a small amount though :dong:


Even harder!


2 late Chopin masterworks - Best recs of

Barcarolle Op.60
Polonaise-Fantaisie Op.61



Moiseiwitsch (1939, 1941)
Horowitz (1967)
Cortot (30’s)


Barcarolle - Rubinstein’s early recording
Polonaise-Fantaisie - Kapell from Frick collection, Richter, Fiorentino


I also like Rubinstein’s early Polo fanf, warp speed at times

Taiiite like a manz anooose




Barcarolle: Gieseking 1938, Richter 1966, Moiseiwitsch, and Sofronitsky
Polonaise-Fantasy: Richter 1960/62, Freire 1996, Neuhaus.


As much as I enjoy his sonorities, listening to da Pogo sense of style and rhythm when I have da Vol version in my mind… I made it to number 3. I did check out his Scarlatti earlier today, amazing, loved it.

Right, next


Richter’s P-F is one of the few times that I think he sounds right in Chopin. Usually Richter sounds too inflexible / stiff for Chopin. Anyway I recall loving Sokolov’s P-F for his huge dynamic range & emphasis on da vertical. Horszowski in parts too.



I completely agree. Yet the SR/Chop combo is often simply too irresistible to pass by, coloured though it may be. I adore his Ballades and Etudes for instance, and think he did really well in the 4th Scherzo and a few of the Nocturnes too.


Aite, da valses verdict cummah:

Gieseking: ok, nothing special, nice pedal. rushing and weird rhythm at times.
Richter: live sounded like sight reading, studio rec sounded much better, intensity, I like.
Perlemuter: lasted 20 secs before I perlemuted it, sounded like a computer, last place.
Fiorentino: quite nice, but a bit sloppy here and there, best so far.
Casadeus: very strict, almost like a march in the first one. Redeemed in the 2nd, m-m-m. Despite its no fuzz, matter-of-factly manner it is a laidback and likeable interp. Da Hog is dethroned.
Laplante: huh, eerliy similar to Vol, fantastic, excellent even! But so similar that it becomes uninteresting as an alternative.
Zimerman, love the yt comment saying this is valses nobles not mazurkas nobles :slight_smile: There certainly is quirky stuff going on in the rhythm here and there. Quite alright, doesn’t sound as naturally free as laplante, more “mannered” free. Still, definitely interesting, gets better and better.
De larrocha: a bit too sweet and pretty sometimes, lacking intensity sometimes (but not always!), but there is something unique here, a universe that’s only hers and I found myself sucked into it. My favorite pick as a Volternative to da valses, altho Casadeus also made a very good case for himself.
I deffo need to check out more by her… and casadeus, and laplante.