whut TV zheeyatz iz u watchin?


I started watching “The Good Place” after my mum kept harping on me about it. I liked the first two seasons, but season 3 has become unwatchable due to the terrible fake Australian accents. This is like Simpsons bad. I tried to power through, but I just couldn’t. Ugh.


I don’t get why people are hyped on that show. I watched it recently. It was fine, but not particularly funny, nor all that deep.


I haven’t seen Punisher season 2 yet - no spoilers but how was it compared to season 1?


Any show which my mum likes can be neither deep nor particularly funny, but it’s different. I don’t think I’ll keep going with it. Just can’t handle those mangled accents. For one episode maybe, but it’s already several episodes into that arc and they’re still in “Australia”.


I don’t know why America can’t do Aussie accents. Plenty examples of the opposite - Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie…
The Yanks liked Kate Mckinnon in Rough Night! Clearly no idea what we sound like.


Still can’t be as bad as an American trying to do a Geordie accent :



tha umbrella academy

hahahaha tiz ok zo far n filmd wiz ztyle and in tha Tdot which iz cool :doc:


I’ve heard one guy do a good one in Modern Family, but that was it.


I don’t know why anyone would want to do a Geordie accent. The original is bad enough as it is.



I iz zhor u iz only diz racial becuz Cheryl didn’t reply to yo Inzta DMz :sunglasses:


Haha she’s not famous enough to just go by one name. So is it Cheryl Tweedy or Cheryl Cole? :sunglasses:
For an English girl she was top shelf, but this was like 15 years ago.


chick’s pretty but has an unbearable voice when she speaks. Just awful voice. If you haven’t heard it, have a listen.


She reminds me a bit of Alizée, in that they were top glowers who have tried to make comebacks in the post-glow era. They also both have several failed marriages, kids and too many tattoos between them. Alizée’s music was considerably better though, at least when it was written by Mylène Farmer.


I’ve started watching Taxi - the sheeyat from da 70’s. It’s actually very funny. Christopher Lloyd was apparently the break out but Danny DeVito is killing me atm.
Andy Kauffman is just annoying though.


I’ve started (binge) watching Brooklyn Nine Nine, since I’ve been out of commission this week. I like it a lot. The chick who plays Santiago is heaps cute and the character reminds me of my ex, so I’m a bit in love with her.


Any of you mofos seen Season 5 of Arrested Development? Season 4 was really disappointing, so I’m not sure if I want to further damage the image I have of this show, which in it’s first iteration was one of my all time favourites.


5 was even worse. Don’t bother.

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Pozzibly da bezt TV zcene evah :sunglasses: