14 years of Da SDC

The forum that is, the actual community formed about 6 months earlier.
It’s crazy to think it’s been 14 years. I’ve know many of you longer than I’ve known any of my friends irl. There was even a time when almost all of the people I considered friends were here. I might look through some of those old posts when I have some free time tomorrow. I’m glad that some of you are still here from the old days, and appreciate all of the members who joined after TM’s recruitment drive (thanks for that, TM). We should think of doing something for the 15th anniversary next year. Rezpec you mofos!

Ahahahahaha REZPEC!!

Diz bringah a tear to ma eye randomly


Happy newbie

Glad to be here

You have real life friends? :smiley:

I’ve been a member here since 2009, but I didn’t really start posting until the past year…it took me that long to learn the language…

ahhh diz mofo zheeyat iz difuckult zheeyat tru, only fo da mozt induztriuz, da mozt inteleggent, n da mozt worthy mofoz to evah maztah in pure foahm tru :comme: :tm: :zhreddah: :pimp: :mule:

zo da xsdc dun botah 8)

Long live da sdc

When I first joined diz forum, I wuz a wankah living with my parents, and now…

Ah, never fuckin mind!


Long live Da SDC!

Da greatest 88 forum evah.

I luv all u mofos (I only luv da ZKEP in a ghey way tho, zo relax.)


Alzo randomly… we need a REAL LIFE SDC MEAT-UP! 8)

By sum strange coincidence it’s also exactly 1 year ago now that I start cummenting/posting on this site…have been checking it almost every day since!
Rezpec to y’all!

Ah not true actually, oldest post = 20 july 2017. (Tempus fukit)

ahahahahah hilariouzly

da zepp juz had a flazhback to

da clazzic COMME audio commentary on da ZIFF rocky2 mvmt3 openah AFAP arpz

:comme: “daiiiiiim dat iz zum crazy zheeeyat!!” in a VAN DAMME accent

coincidentally, tiz alzo quite pozz

da only extant document of da SDC LINGO in ZPOKEN FORM 8)

Hahaha DAIM!

Tru, da ZIFF Rach 2 movt 3 iz mazzively beaztly

This comes to mind



Haha yes, I remember diz gensui. Let’s see if I can find it.

I have 14000+ posts over 14 years, but I honestly think half of them probably came in the last 1.5 years.

No luck yet, though I did manage to find “da Devil’s Fury” and then there’s this:

Rezpec! Diz renaizzance an unpredicktable but gensui happenin

I’m randomly listening to one of your improvs at the moment.

it’s a 10 minute sheeyat, we’ve gone hungarian minor in this current section.

Hahaha fuck. I myt pozt a random improv today to celebrate diz :comme:

Goin into hozpital tomorro morning fo a hernia op zo vil be reztricted to moizt sheeyatz fo a few weekz in orda to avoid any tenzion :whale: