20th-21st century music challenge!

Alright, I decided to put this here since it’s mostly non-solo piano stuff, although there is some stuff with piano in here.

Exact pieces aren’t necessary but try to guess the composers at least!

I’ve picked alot of mainstay contemp/20th century composers. Most are very “big” composers. There is some stuff from the last ten years in here too and some stuff less well known. I will try to do one of these in the future with all piano rep too. You guys will probably do really well on that.


So far we’ve got:

  1. Babbitt - 2nd String Quartet
  2. Harry Partch - Eleven Intrusions - study on olympos’ pentatonic scale
  3. Sciarrino - Vanitas: Rosa
  4. Berio - Circles
  5. Benjamin - Sudden Time
  6. Stockhausen - Kreuzspiel
  7. Boulez - Sur Incises
  8. Stravinsky - Mouvements for Piano and Orchestra
  9. Dutilleux - Cello Concerto
  10. Ligeti - 2nd String Quartet - I.
  11. Berio - Sinfonia - II. O King
  12. Krenek - 3rd Piano Sonata
  13. Feldman - Neither
  14. Zimmermann - Die Soldaten
  15. Saariaho - Chateau de l’ame - I. La Liane
  16. Hindemith - Kammermusik no. 2
  17. Xenakis - Metastasis
  1. lou harrison or harry partch, possibly? i hear some nonstandard tuning.

  2. boulez - sur incises, 2nd movt (i think)

  3. b.a. zimmermann - prelude to die soldaten (one of the weirdest fucking operas around, saw a vid of this once)

  4. hindemith - kammermusik no. 2, 1st movt

damn, i know ive heard some of this stuff before. others i have no clue. perhaps the samples are too short. and i dont expect many people will get any of this. are you sure all of it is really ‘mainstay’ 20/21st century music? i guess it depends what you define as mainstay. i know theres some 2nd viennese school in here also, but i dont recognize the pieces exactly. the three i know for sure were just fresh in my mind from listening to them recently. hints are needed.

one thing is for sure though. my challenge is gonna look a lot different when i get around to doing one. 20/21st century music is just that varied.

  1. Theme music from Zelda?

Not really into this kind of stuff 8)

16 was kinda cool though

yeah i dont think many people here are into this kind of stuff. im gonna make my challenge a bit more accessible when i do it.

im gonna mull over a few of these a bit more until i see some hints.

3 is actually really beautiful, I’d like to know what that is. And so are a couple of others. I’ve got a question for u guys, but I don’t wanna hijack so i’ll make a new thread

Haha, I know the Hindemith Kammermusik. Richter played it :slight_smile:

here’s another hint: there’s another richter clip on there. I’m counting on you chris!


oh, good call Jre, the second one is in fact Partch… i thought that one would be harder. And good call on the Zimmermann! the others are right too. i was going to make longer clips but decided against it since i thought these were stylistically pretty telling…

some little clues:

  1. There are actually no Second Viennese School pieces here, however, there are some pieces from the generation of composers that immediately follow in their footsteps.

  2. There are two seperate pieces as yet unguessed, by the same composer

some performers contained herein: Richter, Dawn Upshaw, Rostropovich, Gould

  1. sounds like the one thats rostropovich. i know ive heard this before, but i dont recognize this particular part. possibly dutilleux’s cello concerto?

i really dont have much of a clue on the others. more specific hints pozz? id like to hear some of these in their entirety sometime.

also, what partch piece is it?

12 sounds like Richter. I don’t recognize this sample, but based on the hints, I’m going to guess Szymanowski?

you guys are pretty good. Jre, it is the Dutilleux Cello Concerto. Chris, sorry, but that one is Gould :rectum: although it does have a richter-like character to it in that moment.

So far we’ve got:

  1. Harry Partch - Eleven Intrusions - study on olympos’ pentatonic scale
  2. Boulez - Sur Incises
  3. Dutilleux - Cello Concerto
  4. Zimmermann - Prelude to Die Soldaten
  5. Hindemith - Kammermusik no. 2: I

I can just post the answers if you want but here are some more specific hints:

  1. is an american composer
  2. is a living composer who composes very static, quiet music
  3. and 11. are by the same composer
  4. this composer as a student was hailed as a “young mozart” by messiaen
  5. this piece is a famous early total serial piece
  6. this is richter
  7. you guys all know this composer’s piano music
  8. gould, and he’s played more of this composer’s work
  9. another composer who usually wrote very long, static, quiet pieces
  10. this is from a song cycle often sung by Upshaw
  11. phillips pavilion

dont post the answers. ill check these out a little later at school where i can actually concentrate on them. these hints really helped in some cases.

without even liztenin i vil guezz #12 iz Hetu - Variationz :doc:

nope, thats not it. its something totally different.

  1. possibly karel goeyvaerts? i havent heard any of his music, but ive read about it.

  2. possibly morton feldman? his opera “neither”?

13, the feldman is correct. the other one isn’t 8)

the composer of 6 died fairly recently

  1. stockhausen, then. i dont think i have any idea what the piece could be. the only piece i know that is for piano(s) and percussion is kontakte, but that has electronic sounds.

it’s kreuzspiel

  1. George Benjamin?
  2. I was going to say Carter, but now I’m confused… don’t know his piano music…
  3. Philips pavilion? Daym, it ain’t Varèse, so it must be Xenakis.

yep, benjamin - sudden time, and xenakis - metastasis (actually based on some of his design for the pavillion)

damn, nice, i would have never guessed for the benjamin. dont know his music well. i should have gotten the xenakis too, oh well.

so do you guys want the answers?