A rare GLIMPZE into da mature DOC :doc: inzane TECH...but iz it fake? :lib: - (:tm: demo included)


diz clazzic LOW KEY 3rdz zcale unleazh

zumwut legendary…or iz it?

  • Daim da :doc: muzt be uzin a cheat fingarin
  • Daim…wtf diz iz juz not dat imprezzive
  • FUCKKK da DOC ztill hav it! Rezpec!

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Dis a clazzic LH cheat, still more notes den da :ho: solution.

Brahms should have wrote that anyway.

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da reazon y da BRA iz bazically a terrible cumpozah fo da 88

iz becuz

almoz every ‘HARD’ pzzg he write

can be improved by cheatin :sunglasses:


Da TM is fond of da Brahms Zon 1 n Paganini Vars.

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HAHAHAHA pozt a vid about diz zect

Zhow da TRU WAY da BRA wrote it n explain da cheat


da TruPOON. Transformation already begun.

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I’d look better than her dressed as a female.
If you’re into “thick” chicks :nigga:

Rather that than skinny, but in this particular case…

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Randomly da doc plays it as written in most editions. :doc:

No cheating!
I thought diz had LH double notes but apparently not, not even in da first edition DAIM.

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Latenite DIGI demo @da_zepp :zepp:

From sightfuck to in-tempo in 2 mins :sunglasses:

Den again, I only care about “tech” or sum :zcholah: statement lyk dat.

A standard double note passage, similar to da writing in Var 1 of Brahms Paganigga bk 2

Da mozt logical fingaring is

2345 345
1123 123


hahah tru diz hilarious late nait CG “pay per view subscription” hahah

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U know where to sign up, daddy

Tiz impossible to NOT cheat da thirds run in the r.h. at this tempo.
Apart from that, what an ice-cold boring performance. :doc: :cold_face: :sleeping:
The man lacks much musical imagination, grandeur, poetry, inner warmth or passion while playing this muzic.
For me the only impressive thing iz hiz penizm.


Harzh. Funny since I found lots of “musical imagination, grandeur, poetry, inner warmth or passion”. Probably tells you something about the subjectivity of the matter.

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Randomly the various :rectum: recs of da Brahms 2 got da deep Brahms tone dat I lyk

Dere is also a great Volodos live rec.
Would have been fun to hear Rosenthal in tiz.

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daiiiiiim da XMOFO zhud pay fo diz lezzon :sunglasses:

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Haha da instant unleash only works on old-school tech constructions like standard figurations.

In Chop n Scrib, da rape-thru attempt will result in da penizt getting groped. :dong:

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ahahaha re yo teachin rate, i recummend 300/hr a la WUNDAH

zo da XMOFO zhud pay 10 euroz fo diz valuable 2min lezzon :sunglasses:

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Da :tm: rate at ma school is $50 per hour fo private lessons n $60 fo a 50min group class.

Daim, da :trugod: 300 CD


Now we know why da title was insanely appropriate

Rezpek da :trugod:


I’m too tired to understand why I should pay for what, but my knee-jerk reaction is too haggle it down to 8€ so that’s my final bid!

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