Alexander Zcriabin - a zumwut legendary mofo

Tru zince hiz birthday yezterday I iz back on a big ZCRIB binge

Here iz a poll fo u to vote vo yo fav ov hiz zonz

  • Zon 1
  • Zon 2
  • Zon 3
  • Zon 4
  • Zon 5
  • Zon 6
  • Zon 7
  • Zon 8
  • Zon 9
  • Zon 10

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Letz alzo dizcuzz da bezt recz ov dem, and hiz many otha workz includin hiz incredible preludez and zhortah workz

Alzo zimple queztion right now - Bezt rec ov da op28 fantazie?


Best 28, might be Volodos

Best op 11 is Pletnev

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Tru his calendar-adjusted bday is 6 Jan. Respect da Comme’s premature ejakulashun.

da vlad sumwat cuntservativ in liking Zon 5, da heavy rockin allegretto of 3 (Sofro), and those carried away moods of Zon 9. Diz fails to meat da pollz minimama 4 opshins.


Diz prelude iz abzolutely heavenly, amazing. Clearly influenced by da Chop 10/11

Da Zarafiants 2cd zet on Naxoz wuz ma intro to da prelz, actually a very good zet

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Haha zhorly u can think of one mo :sunglasses:

I picked 3 4 5

den da lazt 5 are da mo challengin piecez to lizten to

no 7 da eaziezt to get into, along pozz wiz da 10 (yuja wikid in diz)

and I alzo picked da 8th becuz tiz juz da moz inzane, literally. And I haf been workin on gettin into it lately.

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I added Zon 10 but wish to retrakt it for Zon 2. I had forgotten about dat one.

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Da zepp voted fo da only onez he haff liztened to all da way thru

Pluz da 3 n 5 :sunglasses:

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Tiz actually perfectly ok to juz zay 1 2 3 4 5

I actually probably lyk da 1 n 2 az much az da 7 n 8 but it dependz if u want conzervative zcrib or high on drugz zcrib. Both equally valid :sunglasses:

Zum ov hiz ‘immature workz’ are actually prodigiouz and dezpite being highly influenced by Chopin & Liadov, dey are amazing piecez. Op 2 etude cumpozed when he wuz about 15

HO undizputed ownah ov diz

Hahah daim diz inzane cuntzervatizizm

altho rezpec iz due becuz da no5 fo zhor mo Bernie Zandahz den da 4 :sunglasses:

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Ahahahah late ZCRIB i cuntzidah to be equally az gensui az late BROTHA

Az in, genuinely imprezzive

fo a deaf mofo :sunglasses:


fo tha 8th zon i lyk AUZTBO tha bez n fo tha 7th, even tho tha rec iz zl*w az zheeyat, tha ZHUK pozz my fav altho tha VOL rec, az well az tha :wood:, wer pozz tha firzt i heard that woke me up to thiz m *zic :lib:

fo tha 6th lykly tha :rectum:

We just established in November “Alexander Scriabin Society of Croatia” and I became responsible for leading it’s Facebook & Instagram profiles, among other things. If you guys have some rare photos of Scriabin, good articles or books, I would be very interested! @Dr.TM looking forward to your Scriabin thesis.

We have support and friendship from Alexander Serafimovich Scriabin, Scriabin’s grandson, who is our honorary president. He’s very active and dedicated his life in promoting Scriabin’s legacy. Also, he’s very good friend of ex Croatian ambassador in Moscow and visits Croatia almost every year. He’ll come in May and we have some plans to organizes concerts and lectures.

For my recording preferences - as usual. I adore almost everything Richter, Horowitz and Sofronitsky played, plus Zhukov, Pletnev (the best op. 11 preludes I’ve heard live), Pogorelich (Sonatas 2 & 4, Poems op. 32), Gilels (Sonatas 1, 3, 4, Preludes op. 74) Sokolov, Volodos, Korobeinikov (great complete etudes), Trifonov (recent Scriabin program) etc.


John Bell Young used to run a Scriabin Society, which he tried to turn into an intellectual cult, and it resulted in a pissing match between him and the official Scriabin Society. But the dude knew his Scriabin and could play him very well too.

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JBY was a really weird dude though.

I’m not a fan of Lisitsa, but his behaviour towards her was disgusting.



I like da small Songz da bezt and diz my favorite

Wut a niggah da HO wuz!


Totally. Even worse is what he did to Farhan Malik.

He used to threaten people on usenet as well whenever they dared disagree with him. After 9/11, after getting into a series of arguments with Farhan Malik, he called the federal government on Farhan, reporting him as a suspected terrorist. Caused poor Farhan all sorts of grief.

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My favourite Scriabin performers are Samuel Feinberg, father & son Neuhaus, Horowitz and more recently Joseph Villa.

JBY was a total asshole, a psychopath.
He was a self-declared “Scriabinist”, admittedly his purple prose was sometimes fascinating to read but I often doubted his views and tastes.

I remember he raved about a certain Matthew Bengtson and his Scriabin recordings. Apparently he (Bengtson) also co-authored a book about Scriabin:

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Tru, and da FEINBERG

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Tru, it will cummah

Da TM fave Scrib is da early period (until da 3rd Son) and da late period works (op 59 n after)

Da Scrib Son 5, tho belonging to da middle period, is a forward-looking zheeyat n I luv it

Scrib 4 is a classic, but I’ve somewhat cooled on it. Da Feinberg Rec is wonderful

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