Alexander Zcriabin - a zumwut legendary mofo

Wait duz you have to play all op 8 fo yo rectal??

Da VOL shall vid cap?

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I will rec da whole op 8 tru, but da fuckin PIMP CD project is da priority. I prax fo dat every day.

I’m not programming da op 8 live again any time soon…
It is a KILLAH

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U dun have to play it becuz…I dunno…tiz da subject of yo theziz ? :doc:

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da RECTUM with da heart-attack opening :sunglasses:


I’ll never forget the first time I heard Richter play the 5th. Totally changed my view of Scriabin, heck and piano playing.


ma fav composer, hard to choose only 5 of the sonatas haha
but i have special spot in my heart for 6 which i have played a few times


Zcriabin wuz alzo very influential to a whole zchool ov compozerz who followed hiz ztyle

Ov courze Feinberg iz among deze and da mozt prominent - due in large part to da fact he found hiz own ztyle

Rozlavetz iz wikid alzo

Zorabji clearly influenced alzo

Kozenko iz one ov ma favouritez, kind ov a Zcriabin-lite

And ov courze da mighty Zabaneyev, pozzibly my biggezt dizcovery ov 2019

Zo az u can c, da ZCRIB legacy iz not only hiz own amazing muzik but a plethora ov otha mofoz who took hiz foundationz and built deir own workz upon it

Zcrib ov courze iz ztill da mozt conziztent, da mozt inzpired, but if u explore da workz by deze otha compozaz u find gemz dere alzo


U can also hear Scriabin in Szymanowski, especially the 3rd symphony. Have u heard it?


I finished all the DMA performance requirements

You’re more than welcome to book a live perf for me tho


Tru, I’m fond of dat one as well

I’m not required to play anything

Hell, if dey made DMA requirements da rigorous fewer mofos would even graduate.

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Hahahah intereztin rezultz here!

5 da runaway winnah

1 n 7 da lowezt

I expected da 7 to be highah

11:48 da ZIFF randomly appearz :sunglasses: @da_zepp


Hahah dat :zif: impro style on da Octatonic scale


ahahaha DAYUM da endin to diz zong

even worze den

WHALE beached on ZCARBO :sunglasses:


Hahah u mean da

da whalezhank redemption? :sunglasses: :zepp:

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ahahaha a tru zhawzhank fakerudy redemption wud be lyk

1 hour zl*w impro to end a 10 min zong

da WHALE dun even put up any token reziztance

he juz cloze hiz eyez n rezign to hiz fate lyk a random zecurity mofo in da matrix :sunglasses:

a zepp fakerudy redemption wud be at leazt

ZCARFACE endin level :sunglasses:


HAHAHA diz bazically part ov wut wud haf been da zon 11

legendary piece!

diz vid an abzolute clazzic

‘itz very crazy’ HAHAH da fuckin :ho:


That’s great - he did an excellent Chopin Op.16 there too.


“be prepare for big COCK” :ho:


Haha tru datz legendary alzo but diz verz la flamme really zhowz off da HO’z

Beeeg zound :ho:

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