Anyone know good recordings of violin sonatas by mozart


complete, or just selections is fine as well.

Please let me know


summonin da @festinfurious


now now!

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Opening this up on my commute to work to assert dominance


this is epic

if only fur suits werent so expensive, imagine rach 3 in fur suit ;D

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It’s because bigoted companies don’t want to make fursuits accessible

dis clazzik

Nice scarf

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Nice fursuit!

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Oh now we’re objectifying it!

looks 20x better than da Poon

You mean that illustrious Chopin comp contestant who should have won?

Imo so should have Lola. Hell, I outplay pretty much most of the pimp comp punks myself :sunglasses:

(Oh shit, it’s a PUBIC forum)

Also, look at that NOSE surgery


Someone must have :lola: footage from back then. pozz it is being suppressed?

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She played as a male contestant under a different name

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Lawsuit incoming (pubic forum)

Kaplinski is a tranny!

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KK Kevin Kenner is gay! And has weak octaves! He needs to be mercilessly raped by Karine until he REPENTS!

Find Christ you motherfucker you!

Message sponsored by Methodists 4 Trump


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meth for :trump:?

Should be interesting