Yes, for those who live in Saskatchewan, I will be competing in the bi-annual concerto competition, Nov.24th, at Quance theater at the U of S. I’ll be performing the complete Prokofiev 2nd Concerto (with a shitty 2nd piano), of which I still have to start learning the 3rd movement. Anyway, I know theres only a couple of you guys here, but I thought I should let you anyway.


Who’s playing piano 2?

isnt chriz a saskwetcheianian?

Bonnie Nicholson, u know her?

Do us proud! :slight_smile:

Lucky guy, Bonnie is a legend.

Ive been accompanied by John Lill, in one performance of the whole thing. I would love to come but im on the otherside of the world 8)

trugodspeed, my friend

i actually think prokofiev concerti sound better with second piano than most other concerti do.

Wow, that must have been something else!

Yeah, I was gonna say… the third mov is a bit intense… you’re gonna have to work your ass of between now and the 24th :rectum:

I’ve also got to get the last 6 pages of the 4th movement learned as well :open_mouth:
It should be a looooong 3 weeks…

Oh wait I just realized it all has to be learned for my lesson on the 12th or my prof wont let me compete… FUCK.

haha, youre definitely in some deep shit. godspeed, man. and kick ass at that competition.

3 more pages left to memorize…


Maybe this legendary CG will help keep you motivated :slight_smile:

Who is this? It’s quite crazy…

Some chick named Yuja Wang.

I think that kind of playing is a bit disgraceful… but it’s also a bit impressive…

Ahhh, makes complete sence. It was a bit square, yet awkward in some parts that shouldn’t be. I’ve seen her tube vid, and wasn’t entirely impressed. But it is quite crazy…

hahaha i haf contacted da HUGAH WANG n tru

zhe iz a bit flirtaciouz n inzNE :comme: :whale: