Attracting QUALITY new members

With this renaissance at da SDC, I enjoy our close knit QUALITY community and would never want quantity to outweigh that, but here’s a topic to discuss how you’d like the community to expand going forward.
Da SDC is firmly an ALTERNATIVE piano forum. For those who wish to be both erudite and silly, to be both a scholar and a true motherfucker of the highest order.

What say you?:sunglasses:

Da fucking TM shuld cuntinue recruiting da niu membahs - he iz pozz in da bezt pozition to do so. His Faecesbook accunt is quite popular.

Most of dat FB accunt is chicks at ma school, who dun even attend ma rectals!

Ok, I will recruit a few…

But da TM-san maybe too busy right now? Actually I quite like da SDC the way it is now…shouldn’t become too crowded perhaps? Already since this update there are so many posts that it’s hard to follow all new stuff…


I asked 4 chicks out to tea diz week, believe moi - I haff tym fo diz, work, oral exam and pimp comp prep.

Oral exam :sunglasses:

Oh, it’s exactly what it sounds like!



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haha da “Joe Lam”, a shameless tranny. :sunglasses:

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diz da JEFF pozt-zurgery? :sunglasses:

Perhaps promote normal English as a second official language for the site? It’s taken me years to figure out that certain references to youtube have nothing to do with items that can be purchased at a pharmacy.

I mentioned this site to most of my music friends when I signed up.

They’ve been curiously silent on the subject since. :sunglasses:

A visit to da dentizt? :grinning:

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I’d rather we didn’t recruit any new members, because almost everything TM says around here makes me embarrassed about this place. Seriously, stop posting random pictures of Asian girls, and stop posting your creepy personal shit all over. Or at least keep it contained to the locked forums.


I like the forum being underground. Although it’s nice when there are new members, I wouldn’t want the recruiting drive to expose us too publicly (like say through youtube). With respect to TM, I don’t think it would be a bad thing to bring back the suppository, just to keep all this stuff to one area. It’s frustrating when you enter a thread thinking it’s one thing and it just turns out to be more of this chinese schoolgirl drama. Especially since he never listens to any advice anyway.

Da CHRIS is right randomly.

Where’s the betting function when I need it? :wink:

I made da #community:dizcuzz chanel
which iz fo G/PG dizcuzzionz

#chill-house can be da new suppozitory


hahaha so da NO FUN BRU making da legislation now?

Sorry if I don’t want TM ’s tedious personal drama all throughout the board.

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