Bjork - Post

tru 8)

WTF… Is Bjork any good? I’ve heard she’s a crazy freak and her music is ass.

her music is fuckin legendary!

I absolutely love her!

but she has a LOT of different styles. Example, listen to It’s oh so quiet, then Hyperballad, then You’ve been flirting again. Dis is just da beginning 8)

Dis album iz not my favorite tho. My fave iz Vespertine.

By da way, u nevah heard da Thom Yorke/Bjork duet??

I do agree tho dat like radiohead, it takes some time before you start getting into it. First time I heard her I hated it. Now I realise how fuckin brilliant she is tru 8)

i’ve heard Bjork can be good, but my sister liked it, and i hated her general taste, so i never really listened to it,

however she has a song on the x-files soundtrack which is surprisingly good,

and I usually don’t like “pop” music

i guess she isn’t.

thanks btw, i’ll definitely give it a try

haha, da Homogenic n da Vespertine cummah soon 8)

my reaction -

first song, her voice is too fucked up for me seeing as i don’t like women’s voices to begin with, and she puts that ridiculous vibrato on. However, I would love this if I was drunk or high… although I don’t smoke like I used to.

2nd song - I would listen to with my girlfriend to get head

3rd song - cool backing

4th song - hahahahaha this song is amazing … because its so CG… if you listen to jazz, you just can’t take it seriously. Everyone should download this album to check out this song at least (if not Bjork)

5th song - jungle beat. Once again, something i’d listen to with my girlfriend, this time to get it on

you know… she has good stuff,

I just don’t dig the female voice (unfortunately)

i can see why you like this… and you’re right, her stuff is unique and all semi-different

just not my cup of tea i s’pose

randomly, I really like track 7, also perfect to get it on

ahahah thiz legendery review :comme:

i vil lizten to this az well

ahahaahaja and thiz FF2 zpellchekk :dong:

Anyone knows whether she did another cover of Army of Me?

her name isn’t bjork.

Tried it… didn’t like it…

Randomly can’t get over the fact that she was parodied on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy. Twuz hilarious tru…

Björk is her firztname

not everyone has umlauts on their keyboard or knows ASCII codes.

Instead of writing o you should write “oe”.

My name is bjørn, and on airports my name is bjoern.

-da Meph

Any chance you could reup this and/or Homogenic??

tru I vill reup da 2 albumz

da reup :

wuuu bjork. I vill git diz. Rezpec

randomly question. (sorry to bring this back). which of bjork’s albums has a small boy’s choir in it? i did a recording with my choir for one of her albums. ive never listened to it nor followed up what it was that we sang in.