can't see some topics sheeeyaat

I can’t see some topics, and it’s bloody annoying to see that someone has posted in a topic, and when I open the board and I can’t see the topic.

Can someone giev me access plx? :blush:

Or let me see the topics without being able to open them or something


if you try hard enough, you will definitely be able to read those topics, just pm iamcanadian about it. he might give you the third degree, but if you keep messaging him, he’ll eventually let you in. don’t give up!

ahaha but he alzo might ban 8) :Z.C.W.N.M:

Tru. More likely than not, I will ban anyone who PMs me about hidden topics.

I’m not letting you in for the same reason Faustsaccomplice isn’t allowed… I don’t particularly like you.

Now, before you get all offended… that’s not to say that I dislike you (whereas I actually dislike FA). You don’t stand out to me in any way. You’re just a regular boring member. :frowning:

hahha i iz uzually happy just to get tha CANDAIN book of tha month lizt

n tru if u want zheeyat juz pm moi…i vil not give it but it will b nice to recieve pmz zumtym


i didn’t even know that things are hidden from me

this whole forum seems so half-empty now. :frowning:

canadian, you break my heart

if i start kissing your ass and taking your arrogant shit with a smile, then will you let me in…please?

Let’s mourn together :chop:

i think u iz not truzted, othervize u wud be in already.


hahaha da fauzt iz truzted but not elite

Sheeyat, how duz one get truzted?

trumofo has a definitive answer for that.

da lol.

hahahah daim dis fuckin thread 8)

Hmm I’m not in the trusted members group either, what groups are there? There’s some elite group of da canadian, the trusted group of da mart and what more?

tru, i got booted from da elite group. probably coz i got no shit to offer at the mo. i iz poor at the moment. :zhreddah:

Ahaha da canadain dictatorship lol. tru cg! :smiley:

hahahaha tha HARVEY KEITEL returnz out of nowhere wiz a random one linah 8)


No caps are allowed in this IamCanadian-thread.