Chop 10/4 qualifier

i’ve been lurking…
a chopet is the best introduction, no?
from a prax room almost a year ago, my goal was to record 10/5 but the piano was an absolute nightmare, i gave up and weirdly got this relatively ok run-thru of 10/4 instead
could be faster, no?


much rezpec fo thiz perf! :doc:

haff u heard tha legendary ZIFF rec? :zif: :sunglasses:

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On this forum, there is no such thing as too fast.

Great perf.



Another legendary SDC debut!

Diz already basically da same tempo as the iconic 1930’s :ho: rec.

Massive Rezpek. You’re pretty much nailing down this mofo, don’t try and increase the speed too much all at once, keep all that clarity and detailed work.

At this point I might just work on getting a better specific dynamic plan and chord voicings.


HIGHLY legendary.

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Yeah, I was kidding about the speed. Diz wuz def. legit!

This piece a proper finger twister! Congrats great perf! Keep posting people here are pretty chill.

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Rezpek! :rectum:

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nope never, he’s not really my guy. his playing is like a fake rolex, glamorous and flashy on the surface, but ultimately cheap and irredeemable. change my opinion!

thanks for the nice comments you guys are cool mfkrs

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Oh fuck u might git bant fo dat sacrilege



Well, fake Rolex may be taking it too far. However, I’d agree that he’s more convincing in theatrical pieces. I can’t recall a gensui zl*w movement from da Ziff.

Damn I love cziff. I mean LOVE him. :sunglasses: :alpaca:


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For the record, imho this is one of the finest recs of da 10/4

I’m with you bro :sunglasses:

For showmanship, unbeatable, but for music… (See also: Rachmaninoff as composer)

Also not a fanboy, imho the greatest solo work pozz the Second Sonata but both version have their flaws.

Nothing wrong with being a composer-pianist and composing tier-2 stuff, dun get moi wrong.

Sorry, but Conc 2 and 3, Etudes Tableaux, Preludes, Suites for 2 Pianos all top tier piano writing. The Cello Sonata is dope. Bells, Symphonic Dances, Symphony No. 2 all superb.

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To each his own! Imho his most successful concerto is No 1.

I’m a huge fan of the second sonata particularly. Maybe I’d prefer to tackle some Godo stuff if I want a similar vibe but better execution in terms of compo tech (maybe without the melodic gift).

The Sonata is especially interesting

I know diz is the logical fallacy of appealing to authority, but if da Conc No.2, Prels and Tudes are good enough for Richter, they iz good enough for moi.