Chop Noct Op 9 no 2 - random sightfuck

Haha fuck 8)

Diz randomly a more modern soundin rec.

From an LP

Found in ma gaping AZZ 8)


gullivior will soon start remembering who made these and re-up them to his channel as the forgotten Tmullinor M. O’Fokayazzkov

0:47 - blasphemy!

Soon Arbiter will publish a who Mystery Penizt cd


Diz from da long lost manuresript passed on to da myztery penis

Diz played by Mischa Von Trumoffo

The Urtext crowd will amass outside your window with torches and tuningforks tonight

And Ainley, yeah. :rectum:

I haven’t really listened for what it’s worth, I’m a bit tied up atm - will check soon

I need to add sum hiss to a Richter rec and send him.
He always talks trash about Richter

Nah don’t bother with him, he has his niche in piano and likes it there. There’s nothing wrong with that really.

Yeah, you is right.

Hahaha fuck 1.37 and 2.31 :slight_smile:

Mikhail will never come to heaven


Randomly, dis noct deserves a full-GODO tranz 8)

I haven’t heard that many golden age performance of this piece, but wouldn’t they have favoured a faster tempo? Also, you started highlighting one secondary line around the 1’14 or so mark but you gave up on it straight away. A Golden-ager would’ve probably made it sound MORE prominent than the main melody line (because they were into that shit).

Tru, after careful listening - this not exactly up to da mystery peniz standards.
I have made it unlisted 8)

Truuu, da Tru innah voice legends like Hoff, Moizt n even da Godo - always follow thru in all da innah voices truu.

Randomly, my last jyard perf was like that…
A fucked random inner voice and den - drop out.
Unlegendary :blush:

Rezpec yo standards!
Although, I went to listen to some golden-agers play this and you’re probably right about the tempo. I actually didn’t like any of their performances of this nocturne, whereas I usually do for Chopin. Come to think of it, I’m not sure of any recording of this piece which really stands out for me. :lib:

For me it’s Rosenthal. There’s magic in his tone & touch and a wonderful sense of intimacy.

For me too!
And Moiseiwitsch.

Friedman’s attempts to rec this were not approved…

I love Rosenthal as well - for this intimate, salon way of playing Chopin I don’t think it gets much better than this. Moiseiwitsch is great too, but I don’t know, maybe a little on the mundane side by comparison?

As already mentioned a few days ago my favourite performance came from Jorge Bolet, who uses longer lines and gives it a bit more atmosphere than the 78-rpm guys, and the best modern performance I’ve heard is from Stephen Hough. Hough is a bit of a neo-goldenager in approach really - I think he’s a little too capricious to rival Rosenthal, but as always with him it’s nonetheless remarkably eloquent piano playing. Not the most interesting piece perhaps, but I can youtube either performance if anyone would like to take a look at them.

I’ve heard Hough do it twice as an encore now and blergh! It’s marvellous piano playing and I admire how he turns a phrase but it’s…blergh!