Chopin Concerto 1 or 2?

Which do you prefer?

1 for me (emin)

I find that people who say they like 2 the best are invariably sorta weird. Or maybe I just made that up. Either way…


no.1 for now.

when i get oldah, i vill pozz choose no.2.

No. 1 for me, also.

No. 2 for my first chopin concerto (after krakowiak)

Learn no. 1 when I finish both Liszt 2 and Tchai 2

2 definitely and I don’t think I’m weird heh :slight_smile:

hahahaha equally a bit weak in original sheeyatz, but zolo tranzz wud make dem equally wikid

K, well I’m truly curious here. I mean I like the third mov of the 2nd concerto alright. It’s nice, I suppose… but the first 2 movements seem scattered to me, and a bit immature and not nearly as heartfelt as Chopin’s better works.

So I guess I’m wondering, have you ever even listened to no.1? I just can’t fathom someone liking the f minor over the e minor. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that :smiley: )

(randomly, no.1 is actually no. 2 - it was written much later than the f minor concerto, but published first - so the Concerto no.1 is his most mature Concerto… just fyi)

actually I used to listen to no 1 all the time, and didn’t like 2. Then I got sick of the emin and started listening to the second. And now I love it, esp Hofmann’s (who iz randomly my favourite pianist). Can’t really explain why, except that I just can’t listen to the first anymore. I feel like turning it off straight away. randomly :confused:

also just as an aside, I’ve never been bothered by the orchestration unlike a lot of people. btw I hate what Tausig did to these.

Agree with you there. The Chopin Concertos are perfectly good as they are. The Tausig ‘enhancements’ are not cool.

On a similar topic - what does everyone think of the recordings of these concertos arranged for small Chamber Orchestra? Fialkowska’s is a good example. There are a few others, I’m sure.

i liked drewnowski’s set of the ones for chamber. nice setting, imo. and btw, i like number 2 better. i dont know why, but i just do.

The 1st is just so much better 8) The first mvt makes me cry :blush: Chopin’s melodic genuis…daim!

to be honest i hate the chamber thing , in Poland there are plenty of Chopin concertos all the time , and a lot of people do chamber versions just because Chopin mentioned once that he tried it with quartet just to try the concerto. and people made recital things out of it … nonsense for me . as for the concerti , both are great , and for me the second isnt at all worse or stranger than e minor (probably most of you know , but to mention that the f minor is the elder concerto , just published later) . most of my fav Chopin recs are by great polish pianists , but you know , its like every polish pianist play them , and eventually the precentage of good polish chopinists are quite low … so all the polish land shit isnt that true. but for me both rock , and as much i love to listen to both concerti in one concert and the two brahms concerti in one concert too … Blechacz did the two concerti lately , and Goerner did the two Brahms concerti in one too … WICKID … 8)

I have never gotten to like these concerti at all, they all just don’t seem as heartfelt as the solo works that he wrote. The orchestration actually does bother me, but then again I don’t really like the classical kind of concerto-structure. (piano and orchestra more like alternate then really mix into one big mix of music)

Sorta like kritty said, maybe I’ll like these when I get older. Same with Beethoven and Brahms.

da :dong: and da :shrimp: choice wud be no.1.

i used to like the 2nd more. when i first heard them, i barely listened to the no.1, and i used to listen to the no.2 all time. now it has switched completely and i barely listen to the no.2. the no.1 just seems wicked.

tru tha krakowiak :ziff:

ahahah actually i haff no idea

hahaha…rob, u would have a clearer idea if da hitman advanced to da final round in da chop compet.

:dong: tiz abit sad.



i used to like da Orgy’z no.2 (esp da 3rd mvt)
den i grew tired ov it

and luv da no.1 now, tru :shrimp: