Da best beethoven op. 111 ever?

filefreak.com/pfiles/34030/0 … canico.mp3


yea its with a penist and midi grand but who cares it iz awesome. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

section around 15-20min rox

um, no.

i refuse to listen to this


Then Richter.

i didnt no schnabel and richter recorded this :stop:

¿Por que?

I have a feeling this thread will result in a perma-ban

yes, oddly enough, it was one of the few pieces by beethoven that schnabel ever recorded.

true diz n da moonshine son sheeyat.

maybe u should listen to it? this isnt the regular sonata.



i love to say this and moi will repeat it till da day moi pass away.

Richter in Leipzig - The 28 November 1963 Recital.



plz listen 2 tha original mp3, i am not talking about the regular beethoven version of this sonata OK? :brotha:

STOP! You had me at “midi”–fuck that shit.

To answer the TOPIC, I concur w/:rectum: fo sho, but I haven’t heard Schnabel’s.

:dong: WTF

You had me at hello :blush: :blush:

If you had named this thread anything other than “Da best beethoven op.111 ever”–for example, “An interesting adaptation of Beet.Op.111”–I’d have no problem. Posting that overlayed, synthesized crap (yes, I got suckered into listening to the first 30 seconds) to suggest a comparison to the greatest performances of one of the greatest piano sonatas is more than a bit sheeyat.


And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I have reached DA MAJIK 100. :smiley: