da brendull finally ztop playin

chicagotribune.com/services/ … 7176.story

will da sdc open da Champagne? :doc:

but zeriuzly dere iz zhorly a few recz dat iz rezpecable in da 60 yrz carrer :arrau:

I dun haff any cuz of da harzh sdc racizm
zo tell moi wut cud be conzidered worthy :mule:

I quite liked the mozart concerti on phillips. Anyone heard his liszt?

da kritty randomly owns da art of brendel issued by philipz.

25 CDs + 1 bonus Cd.


tiz da highlight ov his playing.

btw, da whole set iz abit sheeyat tho except some early brotha sonz and a few pimp pieces from Annees de pelerinage.


Yeah, Brendel was much more interesting in his younger years - especially his Vox stuff… but none of it is especially good, it’s all sorta just… decent.

What disturbs me most about Brendel is his rotting personality.
I’ve seen a documentary about him before I started listening to classical music, resulting in not being interested in this characters musicmaking.
His act-like-an-intellectual pose is more tiresome than Lang Lang’s facials.

I grew up in the 80s and every piano teacher I came across adored Brendel. That had a huge impact on rebellious teenagers, all my co-students hated him. His fan-base must have died by now.

tru n lez hope he doez alzo :chop:

haha tru

i also notice my brendel cg attempt in the rec section went unnoticed a few days ago

Brendull plays da pimp like someone who has no idea what sex is. Seems like Brendull intellectualised his own musical limitations, made them into his musical philosophy and disappeared up his own ass.

thank god

I’ve got him playing some Liszt transcriptions on Vox. His sound is just wrong for the music. He even commits the cardinal sin of leaving out the 3 hand arps in the Norma Fantasy.

The end of this is pure CG. Makes Lang Lang look like a normal human being. Some cheating in certain passages also…

Personally, I consider his live Berg Sonata and the live Beethoven concerti set with Levine as his best efforts.


Who the fuck is Brendel 8)

and is that vid even worth watching, even if it’s just to laugh at his sad playing?

it’s worth watching the last 20-30 seconds for the katsaris-esque glances to the camera.

i think if da bendovah had a proper training in his youth and he put more effort and thought thoroughly to truly understand the art of da 88, he cud b-cum a much better musician that what he is now, not necessary great yet more decent than this. he doesn’t really leave any impact to the young ppl at all. once he’s stopped playing, his career pretty much disappears with him. i don’t seriously think anyone would be mourning over the next few years or so. Arguably, the guy is just one hella lucky ass pianist who’s not gifted plus rather mediocre talent and randomly showed up on stage with world wide recognition.

damn…da hard explanation. tiz remains unanswered for moi.


he will be missed on 88ztreet

though the respectable topic opened up there
pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … 677.0.html

pianoworld.com/ubb/ubb/ultim … 16418.html

typical :unamused:

(and I strenuously object to this topic being placed in the “SDC legends” category)