da COMME educatez a mofo about da CHOP


song dont fit into any category dere, songz r songz, n chopin wrote only a few , but dey r nice

ballade - a piece dat tellz a story, in relatively free form, da name wuz derived by from da traditional name of a folk ballad - a song dat told a story

etude - a study, a piece of muzic dat helpz in attaining technique, n alzo helpz showin it off, at extreme speedz prefereably

mazurka - a polish dance in 3/4, wit peculiar and unique accentuation, n a completely different feel to dat of a waltz

nocturne - a piece fo da nitetime, inspired by da nocturnez by john field, deze r generally slow and introspective workz of great lyrical beauty

prelude - chopinz preludez r unique, in da pazt preludez were something compozed to precede anotha piece(eg - a fugue), but in chopin’z work we see dat dey r not preludez to anything
chopin’z preludez are almozt all very short workz, n show how much emotion he could fill into so few barz.
in my perzonal opinion, deze r chopinz greatezt workz, juzt az op39 iz alkanz greatezt opuz, op28 iz chopinz magnum opuz.

scherzo - literally - a joke- diz form wuz uzed by da clazzical compozerz such az beethoven, to show a bit of humour or quirkynezz
howeva, in da CHOP, we c dat diz name becomez very irnoic, az hiz workz r diztinctly seriouz n very emotional, da only thing retained from da original scherzo form iz da actual structure of da work(A- B- A sheeyat)

sonata- a multi-movement(traditionally) work datz structcha iz based upon musical n thematic contrazt n unity.

waltz - a dance in 3/4 time, which became very popular in vienna and all over europe in da early 19th century. chopin took da basic rhythm n feel of da waltz to new levelz of exprezzivenezz, unlyk all traditional waltzez which r jolly, chopinz explored all da facetz of human emotion, even deep melancholy.

concerto - essentially a sonata with orcheztra, a multi-movement work dat encompassez contrazt n unity.

RANDOMLY tiz tru

chopinfiles.com/modules.php?name … 6276#26276

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hahaha i saw dat

randomly, i wondah why he didnt ask about da polonaise

a fairly accurate dezcription 8)

modify it az u c fit 8)

and polonaizez

a polish dance in 4/4 time

again wit a unique feel n accentuation, dey haff a very drivin n military march type feel

again, he took da bazic feel of da dance, n lyk hiz waltzez n mazurkaz, revolutionized da pozzibilitiez of da form by musically n emotionally expandin da sheeyat.

da comme iz a tru encyclopedia :comme:


i agree bout the choprels… they r LEGENDARY …

can da chairman educate moi on deze compositions?






etc(other misc chop compositions)

da Meph

hahaha no, look diz sheeyat up 8)

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HAHAHA diz harzh MEPH rebuttal due to lazinezz :sunglasses:

Da TRU tezt ov a CHOP penizt to diz day iz playin a MAZURKA

if it zoundz lyk a WALTZ den u iz fuckd :sunglasses:

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I agree, but this also means just about everyone except da Friedmofo is fucked!

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Daiiiiim :sunglasses:

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Haha da COMME doin rezearch into da TRU mazurka rhythm :chop:

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One cud argue da MAZ a feminine dance ztylee in da CHOP n da POLO a mo mazculine MOFO ztylee

da POLO is more a military sheeyat in my mind

The descriptions from Berlioz, Halle, Meyerbeer, Liszt (?), von Lenz etc about Chopin’s own Mazurka playing are pretty revealing. Slightly lingering on the first beat, and the third sort of slurred over. I think that’s why Meyerbeer got it to 2/4 - he only counted the first two beats.


:arrow_up: diz tru :chop:

If you scan through recordings you’ll notice how alarmingly often it’s actually played like a waltz, or with no particular rhythm at all. I thought about this last with KZ’s Mazurkas - I like them, dance-like and clearly accented, but his rhythm is a bit all over the place. Sometimes waltz… sometimes mazurka… usually nothing in particular. And this from a native Pole!

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Tru, learning da authendick mazurka rhythm iz da TRU way to a POLZKA chickz heart :sunglasses: :poland:

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any DIARRHEA-meetin updatez? :sunglasses:

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