Da EvGenie enlistz a legendary advocate


datz rite, da GREAT TITBIT iz on a new mission. 8)

hahahaha hilarious da TIT seemz to forget dat da Genie got owned by da shrimp in da campy octz

da TIT showz hiz SD rootz. only to disgrace himself momentz latah:

FUUUUUUUCK. da TIT dun appreciate da sheer GENSUI of da G Man 8)

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Haha, thanks for your frequent piano forum reports. 8)

HAHAHAHAHAHA i saw diz, i waz gonna make a nu topic

da titbit appeaz to be a genuine MOFO

yo zepp, i haff a plan - letz start randomly dissin both da GENIE and da SHRIMP in a topic

den u link da titbit to da topic

den he vill join!

genius? 8)

i’m scared. u do it 8)

fuck 8)

HAHAHAH man da dayz when a random pozt on da 88ztreet becummah newzworthy eventz :zepp:

But tiz tru dat we ztill need RECONAIZZANCE MOFOZ willin to get deep behind da enemy lynz n tread diz treacherouz terrain


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Fuck that. I haven’t even visited pianoforum since I left ~ 2007.

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TRU any terrain wiz diz much random cum ztain laid out in complex patternz

Iz a treacherouz zheeyat indeed :sunglasses:


Ahahahah da 88ztreet uzed to be a pretty wikid forum, a friendly flourizhin cummunity full of life n zheeyat

Until dey banned

Da ticklah :sunglasses:


Hahaha I neva thought I wud c da day when da SDC iz actually mo active den da 88ztreet

Da moz active 88 dizcuzzion cummunity in da world now iz actually

da TUBE cumment zectionz :sunglasses:

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U mean

Da WIM cumment zection :fire: :snail: :sunglasses:

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I haff to take issue with da ezteemed Brew in dis thread, namely

“his virtuosity was transcendental, nevertheless…”

firtuoffity, surely?


Hahah da comme zumtymz wundah about da perfect ztorm factah in da formation ov da SDC

on da CHOP FILEZ. If dat didn exizt den da group ov mofoz wudnt haf united

Dere iz mofoz out dere today hu wud haf been potential zeppz martz n commez

but dey google 88 dizcuzzion forumz n juz find da fuckin 88 ztreet :sunglasses: den give up :whale:


I never did work out the best way to render that gensui quote in text.

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Tbh I’m quite impressed he managed to say whatever it was he was saying without covering the interviewer in phlegm.


Hahah da BRU zignacha lyn on da 88ztreet haf pozzibly brought at leazt ~$50,000 worth ov tourizt trade to CANBERRA. U dezerve a cut ov diz profit fo da promo :sunglasses:


I just browsed around a little on this forum…


The sad thing is, there are some people on the forum who can genuinely play and some people I have a lot of time for… but the amount of utterly inconsequential drivel… :open_mouth:

Haha I remember that. I was a parochial Canberran back in the day. Now, I’m pleasantly surprised when I mention where I’m from and people have actually heard of it.

Isn’t that the capital of Aus?

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