da hamelin at san fran, nov 18th

catz and me r goin

MTT cond. Shostakovich’s Fifth
Saturday, November 18, 2006

got dah tickets in front orchestra (lazt onez)

buying dah tickyts

Emm DoubleEw: sfsymphony.org/templates/eve … entid=1047
Emm DoubleEw: dud ethis will be an amazin SDC meet-up
xMaveriCx: i’ll buy
Emm DoubleEw: deir iz gonna be JRE, Vlad, me n u
Emm DoubleEw: n we iz all gonna take a pic wiff da doc
xMaveriCx: NICE
xMaveriCx: o SHIZ
xMaveriCx: dere aint much seatz lef
xMaveriCx: da mozt expenzive left iz da orchestra seats
xMaveriCx: den front orchestra
xMaveriCx: den 2nd tier
xMaveriCx: how much u willin to zpend?
xMaveriCx: fornt orchestra is realllyy close
xMaveriCx: but dah tiers z way far awway
Emm DoubleEw: Premier 1st Tier sounds good
Emm DoubleEw: oh wait
Emm DoubleEw: front orchestra
xMaveriCx: look at da map
Emm DoubleEw: k i will
xMaveriCx: u want dah front?
Emm DoubleEw: hahah dat wud be wikid
xMaveriCx: 70 bux
Emm DoubleEw: i wondah how da pianizt iz zituated
xMaveriCx: k im buying
xMaveriCx: iz prolly cloze
Emm DoubleEw: wait
Emm DoubleEw: cauze if we are on da sizde
Emm DoubleEw: n hez facin tha othah way
xMaveriCx: da size iz da orchestra
xMaveriCx: which iz 81
Emm DoubleEw: k front orcheztra soundz gud
xMaveriCx: kay im buying
xMaveriCx: NYYCE!!
xMaveriCx: WAT!!
xMaveriCx: we get c-19 and c-21
xMaveriCx: 1 seat apart
xMaveriCx: most unlegedary
xMaveriCx: doze r da only zeatz left
xMaveriCx: i buy
xMaveriCx: we got dah lazt 2
Emm DoubleEw: rezpec
Emm DoubleEw: we can probably ask the person between us if he wants to switch
Emm DoubleEw: or something
xMaveriCx: Due to high traffic, we are currently unable to process your ticket order. We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to try back again soon. While we cannot guarantee when you will gain access, we recommend you try back in one hour.
xMaveriCx: !!!
Emm DoubleEw: damn!
Emm DoubleEw: fuckkkkkkkkkk
Emm DoubleEw: dat iz harzhhhh
xMaveriCx: 1 zec
xMaveriCx: dude
xMaveriCx: u kno diz aint piano
xMaveriCx: and he’z conductin
xMaveriCx: FUCKAH!!!
xMaveriCx: DEH RAN OUT
xMaveriCx: oh nvm
xMaveriCx: i ztill hav em
Emm DoubleEw: ?
Emm DoubleEw: 15 minor?
xMaveriCx: 15 minutes!!
xMaveriCx: nyce i got em i tink
xMaveriCx: is regular mail okay?
xMaveriCx: or shuld i hold at dah box office
xMaveriCx: eh??
Emm DoubleEw: hmmm
Emm DoubleEw: hold at tha box office soundz mo practical no?
xMaveriCx: yez
Emm DoubleEw: k
Emm DoubleEw: we haff to order hamelin t-shirtz now
xMaveriCx: yez
xMaveriCx: u buy

actually, i may go too…

but i won’t get wiff u guys, of course…

if u iz goin u bettah get ticketz within tha next week, n why not? we plan on takin a majah group pictah wiff tha doc

cohrection, u bedda get em NOW cuz we bought da lazt of dah front orchestrah, and dey running out fazt

i still am iffy about it. im gonna be left with nosebleed seats cause im too sl*w at decision making, but tru, its an expensive investment, cause i live in LA and gotta drive up. but id do almost anything for da doc (within financial ability).


hahah cummah JRE, tiz vill be WIKID
he premier a fukin CONC written fo him

tru, i will buy my ticket tomorrow if i can. i really wanna see diz new sheeyat that hath been written for him. and tru, i wanna be in da sdc group picture. and hopefully i can get my recorder to work. i wanna bootleg it.

da nozebleedz cozt bout 41, im prolly gunnah record da conert too in da front

hhahaahha fuck da shosty 5
let c how much da tickyt iz

im probably gonna buy the tickets in the 1st tier. im also hopefully gonna bootleg that sheeyat.

tru i just bought the tickets for the first tier. see you all there.

i leave for san fran tomorrow. i hope to see yall there. however, i only know what catz looks like.

you got da flowerz in yo hair?

Jre is one tall ass mofo.

*hahah randomly unrelated, da new definitive meazure of :stop: haff appropriately been changed from notez per zecond to milez per hour 8)

hahahah da t25 randomly zurprized at da numbah of mofoz who haff met in perzon. catz - jihad, milf - robot, tha man (sub-t25) - koji, mart - shaga, t25 - ROB, jre - pita, comme - DONGAH 8) n random othahz pozz. hahha randomly da t25 dun care bout a group photo wiz da DOC…howevah…a random unleazh of a 1-88, 6-hand improv wud be a BIT legendary 8)

I haff a rec of da orgy playin da prok SON 3, iz diz rec fake oh real?

-da Meph

diz a mozt TRU rec if tiz from da early 70s (74 in berlin?) or earliah. da orgy iz juz a BIT wtf in dat zhe learned da prick 7, n DEN da prick 3 :orgy: 8)

hahahaha you fuckas I will be there tomorrow, I will look for you since I know what da Katz looks like and da Speedjihad probably looks a bit like da Bin Laden, I will be wearing a long sleeve blue shirt, heres a pic of me (I will take it down after tomorrow)

hahaah da vladhorwz randomly wearin a nice zhirt :style: 8)