Da legacy ov da HO :ho: - Randomly & legendarily makin da GRAMOPHONE covah


Zeen diz in da zhopz today, tiz a 6 page article

Anyone got a digi copy ov it or zcan?

Da geezahs at diz uzelezz dated mag shoulda dedikated deir Dec izzue to da fuchah, dumb kuntz

hahah rare caze ov me zayin

FUCK U :sunglasses:

if u look at da article itz titled


Da HO attain da legendary ztatuz ov bein mo ALIVE den evah 30 yrz afta hiz death

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But kompared to da hypersentimentalizm of today, da Ho would seem ratha like yezterday.

Haha but to be fair to diz mag lazt izzue da RANA wuz covah ztar -


And alzo I want to zee how da WEE did in da end ov year krittikz choice

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Closer to home, we ask John Butt about his revelatory vision for Handel’s Samson , a work he has just recorded with his Dunedin Consort & Players.

haha da Gram takin da pizz

Seriously if you look through that Nov link, it’s just like a usenet group of klassical enthusiasts who have strung a number of pozzibly self-reverential topics and ezzayz togetha. Why can’t we make a bloody SDC zine which’ll dump diz old mag by the wayzide?

Hahaha in ordah to ZELL MAGZ dey haf to appeal to dem typez ov mofoz

An old mofo buy da mag fo da HO

Den c about da WEE KAN

N becummah interezted

No need to alwayz preach to choir othawize young peniztz wud get lezz nu fanz

If it wuz ONLY nu young peniztz den da mag wud zell way lezz n be a tiny cult mag

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But we don’t have to follow diz bollokz cauze we aint motivated by dollahz. Sod doze conformizt pigz. I :kan: tell from ma channel dere’s a yuge demand fo diz generation’z idolz. Between you, me, X, 88, fest and anyone else who wantz to participate, we could have a great zine focusing on what interests us (which no doubt will interest thousandz of othaz) and da peniztz of our own age. I am totally down to do this but I need assistance.


daim da main part I took away from diz pozt :dong:

But tru I zumwut agree, juzt think da audience wud be zmall

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Awesome idea. I can just imagine da first izzue tho.

“Why da KENNAH iz a cunt”: we go undahcovah to investisheeyat da cump circuit.

:wim:, wut a fucking cunt”: we debunk his BZ.

“Duz da Yuja haff a Wang”: we tranzveztigate.

:zepp: clazzic 10/1 revisited”


Sounds like a legendary mag :sunglasses:


Here you go, mofo - uploaded dis fo da FFTMN in another thread about a month ago:


a 50 pages mag
with 45 pages fo da wud u hit it zection :sunglasses:


HAHAHAHA rezpec da document title alzo :santa: :ho:


But these 2, plus da zepp, are legit inclusions. Just modify the wording somewhat and you’ve got relevant articles which’ll draw attention and deal with important things. Am I the only one who really wants to do this?

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:+1: =)

Ahahahah juz perzonal experience, but truly WIKID 88 playin vil alwayz haff a huge audience

Da zepp returnin to da zaint john imperial theatre on da 18th of next month fo da chineze nu yrz gala n tiz already 80% zold out


Diz uzually a 50% attendance zheeyat in yrz when da zepp iz not participatin :sunglasses:

Zumtymz juz pure word of mouth vil get u pretty far it wud zumwut appear :sunglasses:

Enuff to put azzz in zeatz in diz tiny town at leazt :gav:


Looks like Beethoven is on the cover for Jan 2020:

Download PDF


HAHAHA rezpec

I wundah wut deir pick fo da bezt hamcleavage iz :lib:

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:wim: I’m sure :sunglasses:

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