Da MATURE LEAF capcunt 🍂

HAHAHA fo zum reazon diz pic reflect a mature aged LEAF


N alzo look lyk he juz fell from a tree :dong:

a challenging capcunt fo zhor, but I iz alzo zhor dat zum gensui may cummah forth

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da LEAF not az cool as da ROTH tho

Ahaha, da gramofon haff an ANTZNEZT on da covah…

no dat’z juzt hiz beard


Gramophone: Zo how wuz it to play wiz da DOC? Zhorly playin wiz a mofo wiz zuch inzane tech wuz a challenge n had an effect on u?

Leaf: Tru. I played wiz him fo 1 month. At da beginning I looked 25. :leafy_green:



Great f’n actor.

Overhead lighting emphasizes wrinkles.

LEAF: “i zhud re-rec tha GREG con”
grammaphon: ahaha ic whut about tha ZART u haff been reflec-
LEAF "tha GREG u zay? yez, i’ve been thinkin about re recordin tha CON
grammaphon: …hmm…iz ther any nu norwegian zheeyatz u haff been workin on recently?
LEAF “romantic era norewegian zheeyatz? whut a coinicidence i wuz thinkin of one in particular, tru tha GREG con”
grammaphon: juz wtf iz happenin ryt now


HAHAHA tru diz iz pretty much wut da LEAF zayz in da intahview

da LEAF an inzanely fruztratin mofo

bazically zayin he decided 10 yrz ago to

learn no nu rep , zpend tym wiz hiz family, n rely on maturity to add a profundity to hiz interpz n juz re-rec da zame zheeyat …
Ove n Ove :sunglasses:



Frustrating in what sense?

Also, he didn’t say he won’t learn new rep or rely on maturity. He just said he’s adjusted his priorities because he has a kind and when you do 100-110 concerts year you don’t get to seem your family that much.

Also, why does he have to concentrate on composers that he’s not interested in?


Haha like da freaking :ho:

How Da hell Da Ho went from 11 different rectal programs unleashed in 5 months when he was 22…


Da same rep over and over, for decades and no concertos after 1953 (except da hideous 1978 Rach 3 perf and an ok Mozart conc)

Because with age your interests narrow and you are not as focused on being “adventurous?”

Meh. 1920’s through 1940’s Ho is the best anyway. I’m really not a fan of any of his stuff after 1936 to be honest. I tried to like it but all that stuff is gensui AND underpracticed.

Daddy Friedman kept up his insane rep right until Da end. Rach learned a new recital prog every year. Rezpek

Da :rectum: gensui relentless rep building a bit inspiring.

I’m starting to think a real artist should be building a ton of rep. But, without producing shit like Lesbo

More like, once you have a big name you can do anything :trump:

hahah da LEAF literally only playz Zart concz n zum Nigga nowadayz

da reazon I cumplain iz becuz he zeemz mo n mo pretentiouz

BUT i really do applaud him fo pickin out zum DVORAK zolo 88 workz

Better in what way?

I don’t think breadth of rep is that important. I’m more interested in depth than breadth. A masterwork isn’t just something you spend of a 3-4 months on and that’s it you’ve found the perfect interred. Interps develop over many years. If you play da Brotha 32 the same at 40 as you did at 20, that’s sad. Also, why learn pieces on the outskirts of the canon if you don’t really, truly love the piece? Waste of time.

There’s no such thing as a universal pianist. If you are an artist, you figure out what music is important to you and dedicate yourself to it. Learning lots of pieces is cute, but a frivolous activity. It’s fun and entertaining and there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s like skimming Brother’s Karamozov and saying you understand the book.

Examples of his pretentiousness?

Neither of them are as cool or wise as Obi-Wan.

any mofo who focuz on

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven
:yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face:

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That’s more a reflection of you than the performing mofo.