da pbs Chop comp documentary

I randomly turned da channel, and i have heard something like ‘so he loves poland and it shows in his music’

den i knew tiz chopin

and indeed it iz da chop comp documentary

it shows da Trugod, in da practicing session doing da first grande waltz.

they said ‘Ingolf Wunder has showed that u don’t need to be Polish to play chopin well’

then da next sentence it said ‘he would be eliminated from da competition’

what a fucker.

but they did interviewed da former winner and da polish winner Adam Haraewzkiski (whatever da last name is), da Adam critized da fella jurors for overlooking da Wunder, and hope for da 2nd Wunder to appear in da comp.

His exact word “Da notes of da Wunder is like a knife, deeply perpentrate ma heart”

he appareantly wuz furious about the lost of da trugod. And he reveals da reason dat da trugod lost is because ‘he play the grande polonaise too fast.’ :stop:

what a legend!

relating link


pbs.org/frontlineworld/stori … index.html

tiz iz da full vid on May 16

btw, the transistion of da Repeat notes in da Grande Waltz to da broken chord of da Trugod is just fucking surreal

i have never seen something so agile and accurate.

it’s just unbelievable.


After two weeks of competition, the field has been reduced to 32 semi-finalists. “Whoever wins these Chopin Olympics will launch a worldwide performing career,” says Marzynski. “But how can one decide who plays Chopin better and who plays it worse?”

hahaha da :stop:

One of the stars of the competition is an Austrian, Ingolf Wunder, who plays magically. But the jury eliminates him. Some criticized him for playing too fast. “The jurors were being petty,” complains Harasiewicz. “He filled me with ecstasy.”


randumly i iz waitin for da may 16th

what the fuck harasiewicz is not considered as a good chopinist really in Poland eventho he got the first prize once . and his opinion iz bit sheeyat. many of my friends are dissapointed with the fact that wunder got eliminated. im definately happy that a good liszt way of playing didnt come to the finals of the chopcomp but definately da trugod would be better than the stupid yaroshinsky or the talented young pianist kortus.

Who is considered a good Chopinist in Poland?


all tru except Friedman. + we have to add Pollini and Dinu Lipatti and its pretty interesting that young pianists like me in Poland consider Sokolov a very interesting Chopinist in his few Chopin appearances.
some stupid Poles who pretend to know how to play Chopin say Horowitz and Richter are great Chopinists . with my biggest respec to theze two huge names. when looking at Chopin from its original polish school eye we dont find them good Chopinists . these young stupid Poles are interested now in da Rach much more dan da Chop which i find hilariously shameful…
fuckk … am i goin to be banned because of what i said … lol :chop:

I admire Horowitz Chopin Mazurkas alot, one of the best Mazurkas piansits imo. Pollini is Italian plus his Chopin is not any good. I think on the subject we are talking about the actual pole pianists. But dude, Freidman’s Chopin is supreme. How could you exclude him? For me, he’s no.1. I’m not a big fan of Lipatti though. I thought his Chopin Waltzes was legendary, but not until I heard Blechacz. Man, I have always wanted to hear Zimerman’s Chopin 14 Waltzes. If anyone has it, I will be greatly appreciated.

Kapell and Rubinstein are certainly up there, from the discussions I’ve had.


Moiseiwitsch - best Chopinist
Friedman - Mazurkas, Etudes
Horowitz - Polonaises, and imho, and I enjoy his Mazurkas more than Friedman’s

haha anythin travelin at diz zpeed vil feel lyk a knife when it hit u :brotha:

hahahha da brotha’s cock

If Friedman recs is not mono, I’m sure we will hear more details in his playing. Regarding Moiseiwitsch as the best Chopin pianist, I highly disagree.
The majority agrees that Rubinstein plays polonaises better than Horowitz in general.

you say it like it is a fact. I respect you oppinion but that is just about it.

-da Meph

Convince me that his Chopin is good then. Show me the evidence. I have never encountered it.


no one mention Cortot’s chopin.


well definately da moisewitch and kapell are not considered as good pianists really. kitty , ofcourse i respec Friedman and of course he’s great. but im saying about who is considered to be good chopinist here. we admire pollinis chopets and sonatas we really like him very much here.
and yep , blechacz’s waltzes are legendary and there is no doubt after he records some more few chopins recs he will definately become one of the chopinist ever. i truly believe in this. and i heard he’s having deal with DG in Japan to record all Chopin. fuck … da $$$$$$
seriously blechacz should have an emoticon in here.

I guess all those polish musicians I talked to were lying then.