da PLET got arrezted!!!

pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/ … tion-ring/

FUCKKKKKK :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme:

So all they have against Pletnev is the word of Khun Traipop.

Don’t jump to conclusions, guys.

reminds me of this dude:



hha da “Related News” on diz zite

diz lookz lyk an intereztin town :lib:

It seems pretty legit. I’ve heard rumours about this before.

Great pianist, but sexual degenerate.

damn, well they didn’t actually find children-oriented material among his stuff right? seems like he’s just another sex tourist, until they find anything else

Either way, gross

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true. Also if true, he wouldn’t be the first (or sadly last) musician to be a pedo; Makarov was done for the same thing in Oz several years ago.

…zayz da brew wiz a 12 y old chick on hiz avy 8)


If tru… Pozzibly 3:37 the answah



but da brew irony no match fo da canadian hypocrizheeyat tru

da canadian reply next to hiz avatah

unfortunately 8)

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hahaha n a randomly belated reaction to da actual topic


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Haha well unless you’ve got a time machine tiz impossible for me to do anything to her (at that age) and in any case she was prob 18 8)

WELL, looks like the mainsteam media picked it up:


and: nytimes.com/2010/07/08/world … 8thai.html

When the times publishes it, there is a great deal of substance behind it.
Pletnev is famously close friends with Putin, who apparently putting a lot of pressure on the Vietnamese to drop it, rather the way one of the world’s largest opera companies has donated millions to the education of young men in the NYC area. Very generous.

Someone that brilliant and that accomplished decides to act on his deranged mental pathologies, ruining the lives of children, rather than seeking the psychological help that he needs. Someone with that little empathy who is also that self-destructive is probably a total sociopath.

He`s definitely one of the most important musicians of the latter half of the 20th century. But he should be locked up.

IF he is guilty, that is.

Why would he go for a 14 year old boy? There are plenty legal escorts in Thailand. This seems like something the boy’s family exaggerated to extort money.

By the way, Casino (1995) was a damn good film.


It’s possible that teenage boys are his sexual taste. A certain American conductor who has a known and documented preference for young black boys and has placated the African American community by hiring African American soloists. One thing that does seem suspicious to me is that the article mentions that he owns multiple properties and businesses there, as if they’re meant to be a cover.

Maybe, but it’s also possible that it has merit. Hopefully an investigation will reveal the truth, but I’m guessing that Putin saves his ass or the family drops the charges.

Agreed. :smiley:

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I hope it isnt true, but it might well be. If its not, then I hope it doesnt ruin his career. If he is guilty, then he deserves the consequences.

Having said that, if it is true, none of these events take anything away from his musical accomplishments, hes a phenominal musician.

Innocent until proven guilty…
However, the fact that he’s a “resident” does stink a bit (I agree with Slapnutz).
Still, there are so many of them out there it’s one of society’s cancers.