Da Pogo Mofo wants an 88 sensei

So, Pogo Mofo wants to get some instruction in the art of taming da beast we call da 88.

Some Russian/Georgian chick in BK, New York who got her Masters/PHD (not sure) in Florida along with Asiya Korepanova (her Mazeppa from the Tchaik Comp’s on da tube) charges $100 per lesson.

Problem: Da Pogo mofo is low on fundage.

I’m not attached to her, in particular…any properly trained (preferably Russian school) mofo/ette would do.

Is a lesson every other week benefizheeyat or just zheeyat?

It depends on how you learn… even a once-a-week lesson might be not enough to see some real measurable results.

If you’re a good independent learner and just need to be guided in the right direction, she’ll ensure you’re not doing anything completely wrong or hitting a wall… should be good.

I’m actually about to raise my rates because getting $50 for an hour lesson is now certifiably a LOSS of valuable time for me, now that I’m not strapped for cash, thank god.
But old students will be locked in.

Already working from 6pm (or earlier) all the way up to 12 and even 1am on weekdays, plus private lessons on weekends.

How high should I go?

  • $75 an hour. Asian female over 18 may request 5 free in-person lessons
  • Do it completely for free and give back to the community!
  • $100 an hour
  • Sorry, I’m not open for new students. Would you like to buy an autographed copy of Liszt: Unrivalled for $69?
  • $125 an hour but you can teach nude.

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^This is for online. My only in-person student is $100 an hour.

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Important question. based on the news kids are really sexually aggressive and have no legal culpability for their wikid ways.

Even 18-year old chicks could be spoilt brats.

I’m thinking the 19 to 28 range, before they turn into unfuckable devious cows looking to hook a distinguished US citizen with a (worthless) doctorate :fire:

*trannies welcome

Da Pogo mofo has decided to learn da Pedozenen by da Shoe. Tiz technically doable and musically satisfin’. Along wiz that, he vill work on Moszkowski sheeyatsu fo development of dexter88ity.


First two vas easy to sight-rape but as he vaz zight rapin’ he noticed many voices in da first sheeyatsu. Really beautiful baseline in da Foreign Lands and Mofos.

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Daim! Da POONY POON has entered da chat


china ahead once again

There is more of these bitches shredding czerny

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I’m 299 and 740 are great for working your tech, but can’t deez zheeyats be condensed to like 8 measures of a specific technical problem so a mofo don’t need to spend unnecessary time with memorizing diz musical drivel

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So much of what out there is for pros hard to say what’s useful for people playing for enjoyment. I’d like to see an engineer and somebody into anatomy and physiology tackle tech problems and put some data behind outcomes from regimen recommendations.

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I’d probably get more from learning each of the relatively short Kinderszenen or a movement in a Mozart Zon and playing them at tempo very well, then trying to perfect 8 measures a day of some dull, demotivating Czerny sheeyatsu that’s good for developing dex and velocity.

All of these tech sheeyats are worth drilling if you’re already talented. It’s like a basketball player that does all of these dribbling drills that are only useful to him because he’s already good at dribbling and just wants to maximize his ability.

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Agree I didn’t realize I wasn’t sensing beats right or articulating much at all when noodling around until I tried messing with the bach inventions again.

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Yeah and the Czerny tech might not even be applicable to actual rep.

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There’s a service/website called Practicing the Piano by Graham Fitch. He actually really prefers the Moszkowski Op. 91 over Czerny because Moszkowski’s (as he says) etudes come from the modern school of piano playing. I assume he means it’s more applicable to stuff composed my Mendy/Chopin era and after.

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Yeah, some pianist acquaintances online are really fans of the Bach inventions for pedagogy.

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Like I started the Moszkowski Op. 91 No. 1 yesterday and on the surface it seems like there’s just a mirrored finger independence pattern but (performance notes pointed out) there is a melody threaded through the 1 and 3rd 16th note in every 4 1/16th note grouping. That makes working on technique more interesting because you are trying to bring a melody out while doing work on finger indep./equalization.

My pianist friend actually thinks 2 voice polyphony is more difficult than 3 because nothing is hidden (I assume she’s is referring to what you’re saying re: rhythm, articulation, phrasing)

Da Trumomma had me go from Bach 2-part inventions right into Fugues.

I never did any of the 3-part inventions

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